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50% Great Plains Wolf, 50% Doberman Pinscher
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23rd April 2011
Miranda weighs about seventy six pounds or thirty four kilograms, and is twenty six inches tall. She is very thin in this form, and her muscles are long and lean. Everything about her suggests speed and endurance. The female's coat is about an inch and a half long in summer, but lengthens to around three and a half inches long. Her fur has the classic Doberman pinscher markings, the base being Masala, and the markings are Kumera. Miranda's eyes are Forest Green. She also has sparks of Oregon threw out her coat
While the female is rather large and bulky in her Secui form, her body still leaves the impression of leanness. Her fur is four and a half inches long during the summer in this form, and it is five and a half inches long in winter. She weighs approximately one hundred and fifty six pounds or seventy one kilograms in this form. The she wolf is thirty three inches tall, and is very muscular, but not muscle bound.
Miranda weighs one hundred and eighty six pounds in her Optime form. She is about six feet tall at the shoulder in this form, and stands erect, like a human being. She wears her mane long, and almost always has it pulled back into a ponytail. She usually wears a cowboy style hat, shorts that reach her knees, and a leather belt with several leather pouches hanging off of it. The female occasionally wears a leather duster that reaches her ankles and has a hood.
Miranda is naturally very calm, and rarely gets angry, though she can get annoyed by people she sees as acting foolishly. The female has learned to be cautious at all times, and can be somewhat jumpy, similar to the horses she adores. Over time, she has learned to be gentle with those weaker than her, and knows her own strength very well. Interacting with foals has helped her nurture this trait. The she wolf is intelligent without being cunning, and is very careful to do everything she can to refrain from insulting others. Miranda is very chivalrous, and tries to help those weaker than her as much as she can. She does not like to fight, but will do so in the defense of others. The female is extremely unlikely to attack first, and will often try to talk her way out of situations. Once the she wolf has set her mind on something, she will do her very best to accomplish it. Miranda can be very stubborn, and requires a lot of persuasion to sway from her chosen path. She is very respectful toward her elders, and is very eager to learn from them. The female has excellent maternal instincts, and is very eager to have pups of her own. The she wolf is hard working, and will not rest until she has finished her job.
Miranda was born in what was once Washington, USA to Michael Amaruq and Ashley Berlow. Her father was a Great Plains Wolf, who her mother had met and seduced as she was trading with his pack. The female has never met her father, and it is likely that he doesn't even know she exists, because her mother had already moved on by the the time she was born. Her mother, Ashley, is a bit of a vagabond, and doesn't stay in the same area for more than a season before moving on. Miranda has four younger siblings from other litters, and none of them have the same fathers, though her mother gave her pups their fathers last name. She has always found her family's lifestyle trying, and wishes to live in the same place for a long time.

The female's family has quite a few horses, and she grew up fascinated with them. She has been taught all she knows about them from various Luperci across North America. In Illinois she learned quite a lot about being a Farrier. She learned how to best train horses from a ancient she wolf in Minnesota. Miranda worked for a pack to help them build their stables in Arizona, and learned quite a bit about construction. One of the few useful things her mother taught her was about breeding horses.

Miranda separated from her family about a month ago while they were in New York. She took her own personal horses, two mares, and all of her belongings and set out to find a place she could call home. The female has only recently arrived in 'Souls.

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