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O'Brien is, in a word, unremarkable; most folk wouldn't look twice at him, and he prefers it that way.

He looks like a nondescript mutt of common breeds, with shepherd-like coloration (mostly tan, with a black saddle and accents), and short but dense fur that sheds water well. His build is somewhat lanky, with a deep chest and long limbs. His face is rugged, almost-handsome (not memorably so), with a disarming smile and gentle brown eyes. He has floppy ears that partially stand up.

In his Optime form, his hair is messy and a little wavy, slightly overlong but never below the jawline. He favors nondescript clothes that allow him to blend into a crowd, with little flair; in the woodlands, he often wears a forest-green cloak with a hood that obfuscates his features. As he makes a living being "invisible," his posture consistently shifts to match his environment so he's overlooked -- but he often seems tense and "flighty" when exposed and in the open. He can often be seen fidgeting with his dagger.

O'Brien's voice is naturally quite quiet, and a little husky. Even after years abroad, he cannot for the life of him get rid of his Scottish accent.
O'Brien is quiet and reserved, very private about his thoughts and difficult to get to know. However, this doesn't mean that he's standoffish; he's laidback and polite, with a strong moral code. While he pilfers things for a living, using his ability to hide in plain sight, he never takes from those down on their luck and would readily come to a stranger's aid. He's gentle and kind, if quick to shy away from personal questions.

His devotion to his loved ones knows no bounds, but he demonstrates his love through actions rather than words, which don't come as easily to him (as if afraid to name the feelings aloud). He's steadfast and loyal, wanting nothing more than to see his companions happy, even at the cost of his own. However, with a notable exception, he holds most at an arm's length these days.

Grief and guilt constantly shadow O'Brien, whose superstitious beliefs have deluded him into thinking that he's cursed. He attributes things like accidents to his mere presence (or lack of presence), and believes that anyone who associates too closely with him is putting themselves at risk.
  • Mother: Ailsa Douglass
  • Father: Cormac O'Brien
  • Children (by Willow Cormier):
    • Doineann Cormier
    • Beth Cormier
  • Previous associations: The Troupe
Beth Cormier (cNPC)
O'Brien was raised in Eilean Cù as a bastard without a father. Even as a child, he did not avoid the clan’s discrimination: a bastard child marked an outsider by features as simple as flat-lying fur, he was treated as “lesser” in minor, subtle, but no less hurtful ways. When he acted out as a result, this only “proved” to the clan that he was trouble.

In adolescence, O’Brien met his father for the first time. Surprised but delighted to find that he had a son, Cormac invited the boy to come live with him.

O’Brien accepted the offer in hope of “finding his place” in Airgid Gleann, but he felt alienated by the Badb tribe’s religious fervor -- and especially perturbed by the shadow of the occult. He formed a mild phobia of crows as a result, often complaining to his father that he thought the birds were “watching” him. However, the tribe did test his cunning, and he turned into a stealthy hunter.

He lived with the tribe for several more months, but following a tragic accident and a traumatic encounter with a Badb witch, O'Brien fled the Silver Valley. Upon returning to his mother's homeland, he learned that she had died of an illness over the winter.

O'Brien spent some time pickpocketing in Dublin before crossing overseas. He met his future "family" in Portland, where his impulsive defense of an old man sparked the brawl that sent the Troupe fleeing east. The band made their own luck on the road, gaining new members and strengthening their bonds with one another, and eventually forming La Estrella Roja.

O'Brien formed another strong bond, too: one with Willow Cormier. Torn between his loyalty to the Troupe and his love for Willow, he reluctantly chose the former, rejecting Willow's offer to live in her pack. However, when the woman seemingly disappeared that summer, O'Brien was drawn to look for her.
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