Wolfdog - 50% Belgian Shepherd, 50% Eastern Wolf
Date of Birth:
5th November 2008
Alternates between Optime and Lupus form equally.
lupus reference & optime reference (Last Updated: March 8th 2013)

In her lupus form, Sky's a pretty but tiny thing. She's inches below her peers, standing at twenty-nine inches at the shoulder and weighing only seventy pounds, Sky's hardly intimidating at first glance. It's the scars and cold experience in her eyes that give away just how dangerous the wolfdog can be, if provoked. Her fur is thick and full during the colder months and though she retains the general fluffy look in the summer, her coat thins out with the heat. There are no changes in color, aside from a very slight speckling of darker fur during the winter months. She's well toned and healthy with a slight belly from her previous pregnancies.

Her general look doesn't change too much in either of her other forms. Her Secui form finds her at forty inches and a hundred and ten pounds where her Optime finds her at five foot nine and a hundred and fifty pounds. In her Secui form, the fur along her spine and on her neck lengthens out, turning blond the closer it is to her ears. Her canine teeth overlap her bottom lip slightly in this form.

In her Optime form, Sky's hips are wide and her face is riddled with scars that show up better in this form than any others. Her hair is natural, sprouting from her fur like a mane rather than a human's head of hair as it used to. She rarely wears clothing, but thick fur covers any naughty bits easily enough. She walks upright with a dominant stance, despite her rank.

• Her ears are pierced twice each, with gauges- the lower gauge is 42mm, a pearly bone flesh tunnel, and the higher gauge is 28mm, a solid bone plug.

• Her tongue is split.

• She used to have her bottom lip pierced twice, one on each side, and her left eyebrow pierced twice. The resulting scars show how they were torn out during her time as a prisoner of war.

• She constantly wears a leather collar sporting a tiny silver engagement ring on it. She found the collar herself but the ring is from Shawchert.

• Since the Amy Conflict of 2012, Sky now sports a crooked tail! Her tail takes a sharp right angle right where the dark fur starts. Since healing, it doesn't cause her pain, but she can't move it quite the same.

• Since the Amy Conflict of 2012, Sky also sports a nasty new scar across her muzzle, one that shows, clearly, where her skin was bitten off by a bigger wolf. Until the month of January in 2013, the scar was red and often inflamed, causing Sky a lot of discomfort. She just barely managed to keep it clean of infection.

• Now that Sky's joined Vinatta's ranks, she's added her new Frithr charm to her collar, attached right beside the ring.[x]
◘ Sky's Frithr beads are sewn into the leather of her collar, spaced apart an inch each.
Sky is, without a doubt, crazy. Though it's not that dangerous sort of crazy- most of the time. She hears voices in her head, though only when she's stressed- and only one voice. Sanjin. (More on Sanjin can be found on Sky's wiki profile.)

Sky is a patient, hard-working individual who's had to fight to keep whatever she's had in life. She's loyal and selfless to her friends and open-minded to strangers, though that doesn't mean she trusts any of them fully. Her hobbies include singing, hunting, medicine and above all else, protecting what she considers hers.

Sky's a lot of good, but she's not even close to being perfect. To add to her Schizophrenia, she's also Paranoid and short-tempered. Her dominant personality gets in the way of her socializing quite often and she's often at a loss as to how to greet newcomers. Her focus on getting the job done often leaves her regretting not doing things a little kinder or with a little more flexibility. She means well, but her actions can often be over-the-top and spontaneous. She has a habit of acting before talking, and it's led her into trouble numerous amounts of times.

Fears: Pup-Killers, Abandonment
Motivations: Her Family, Her Pack and the Safety thereof.
Traits: Hard-Working, Paranoid, Patient, Stubborn
Alignment: Chaotic Good
MotherMarianna West
Father • Vaughan Katruk

Sisters • Dusk Katruk, Fox Katruk
Brother • Jackal Katruk

LoverShawchert Menue (NPC)
Previous MatesRevoldo Luck, Taliesin dir Rhiannon

With Jensen O'Callaghan >> Haiden Katruk, Luke Katruk
Adopted >> Fella Katruk [Lynx, NPC], Tameri Rhiannon
With Taliesin >> Cody Rhiannon, Myrddin dir Rhiannon, Lena Rhiannon
With Shawchert >> Samual Dean Menue

Step-ChildrenLiam, Titania Moonsong, Juliet Moonsong, Demetrius Takekuro

NeicesSarah Katruk
Born in Kingston, Ontario.
Mother dies, older sister Dusk takes over raising Sky.
The sisters travel East to Saint John, New Brunswick and remain there.
They meet Revoldo, who joins their 'family' group.
Sky turns a year old, begins courting Revoldo.
Revoldo dies of stomach cancer.
The sisters break up. Dusk heads West. Sky heads East.
Sky turns Two years old.
Sky comes to join Cercatori d'Arte.
Sky falls in love with Shawchert, d'Arte's founding leader.
Shawchert knocks up Orin, Sky fights Orin over it. Sky wins.
Sky and Shawchert end up 'engaged'. They move in together.
Argul kills Shawchert's son with Orin. Chaos ensues.
Argul is caught and chased out of the pack. He's killed later on.
Sky leaves to help with the AniWaya conflict and gets captured.
While Sky's prisoner in AniWaya, Shawchert leaves CdA to help his family in a war up North. CdA is now lead by Skye Collins.
Sky returns from the war to find Shawchert's gone.
Sky meets Taliesin, who comforts her in her time of loss.
Sky adopts Fella.
Sky and Taliesin begin courting. Sky meets Liam, Taliesin's son.
Shawchert returns to d'Arte. Sky is now in the middle of a love triangle.
Shawchert and Taliesin duke it out for Sky's affections. Tal wins.
Taliesin and Sky are married that spring.
Sky and Tal adopt Tameri.
Sky becomes pregnant with her first live litter!
Liam kills Tameri. Sky vows vengeance, even as he's chased out of d'Arte by Taliesin and Shawchert.
Sky and Taliesin welcome their newborns, Cody, Lena and Myrddin.
Sky leaves d'Arte with Lena to find a cure for her blindness. Cody follows, leaving Myrddin and Taliesin in d'Arte.
Sky returns to d'Arte with relatively grown Cody and Lena, after failing to find a cure. They're greeted with bared fangs and sent away from d'Arte, accused of betraying the pack and family in their leaving.
Sky brings Cody and Lena to join New Dawn in the North.
Sky finds Shawchert! He joins New Dawn.
Lena leaves New Dawn to join Vinatta.
Sky is demoted from Delta to Pariah for insubordination.
Sky, Shawchert and Cody leave New Dawn on good terms.
The small family joins Vinatta, following Lena.
Lena's left Vinatta, but Sky and her boys settle in anyway.
Sky and Shawchert welcome their first son, Samual Dean Menue.
Sky is promoted to Eljun.
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