Marlowe de le Poer

Midnight Krewe
The Tower
Luperci Every man has a price to charge and a price to pay. Take peace from the earth and make men slay each other. The Cursed
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hell is other people
the devil made me look
Hybrid (mostly coyote)
Date of Birth:
2nd November 2012
Marlowe is a medium-sized coywolf. Streamlined and compacted in build, he is thick in the chest and shoulders, with a boxy torso. Though his pointed face and red markings give him away as a coyote (notably, a Lykoi) he has a shaggy pelt and slightly longer-than-average fur. His coat is graying. A lifetime of violence has left plenty of scars on Marlowe, including several on his face. The largest, on his right forearm, shows signs of stylistic modification.

Confident if cautious, Marlowe tends to always be alternating between an "at ease" sort of stance and single-minded "attention". He is never outright dominant, but if someone defers power to him (intentionally or not) he immediately assumes control and makes a point to show it. Marlowe visibly favors his left side, and walks with a limp in his right leg.

His voice is scratchy and rough. He has a noticeable accent in both languages in which he is fluent and always sounds vaguely foreign. Out of habit, Marlowe uses his hands when he talks. He makes a point to try and "guide" the eyes of the person he's talking to in such a manner, and always seems to be moving or shifting.
Complex in many ways, Marlowe is a narcissistic man driven by his own intuition and critical way of thinking. Marlowe tends to belittle others, and can become highly aggressive when things don't go as he expected. He is especially critical of things that don't fit with his understanding of the world, conflicted as his own ideas are, and will make every attempt to tear apart what he believes is a fundamentally wrong viewpoint. Marlowe follows an Abrahamic monotheistic religion based on Pentecostalism and has become convinced that his actions are predetermined.

Though less a matter of physical vanity, Marlowe's egotism is remarkably inflated—he rarely sees himself at fault, if ever, and assumes positions of authority when they are deferred to him. Marlowe can come across as confident and charming. He is an excellent observer of others, and tends to gauge his behavior based upon their own, adapting as the situation deems fit.

Having spent most of his life in conflicts, and having come to expect confrontation, Marlowe believes that by enforcing his own presence he can control situations. When his harsh language proves either ineffective or too effective, he reinforces this with his physical prowess. Marlowe is quick to fight and fights dirty.

Though both consciously and subconsciously aware of this, the tendency to seek out self-destruction seems to come naturally for Marlowe. He partakes in recreational drug and alcohol use, though his behavior is best described as addictive.
Marlowe belongs to the de le Poer, Lykoi, Massacre, and Holocaust families; as such, many of their members are related to him. He has dozens of cousins, though is only aware of those from Zion and Inferni.
The only son of former Inferni Aquila Ezekiel de le Poer, Marlowe was born alongside his two sisters as loner. Their single mother raised the trio in Scintilla, though Marlowe and his sisters traveled Inferni as young adults. Within his year-and-a-half membership there, Marlowe served as a trader and Triumvirate council member until his forcible removal and exile from the Clan following the war with Cour des Miracles. His involvement with a serial killer and his trafficking network would eventually take him as far south as Yuraw, where he lived against his will for over a year.

With unclear motivations, Marlowe returned to Nova Scotia and the remnants of his old Clan. He would leave the area with a young relative after a brief stint as a member of The Cartel.

On their way through Portland, a reunion between Marlowe and a cousin would soon lead to an ill-fated journey. In a whirlwind series of events, Marlowe and his new partner found themselves caught up in what seemed to be a straightforward enough task -- an ill-timed trade mission westward, to Michigan. Instead, their party was caught up by terrible events occuring in Erie?. In the aftermath, Marlowe and Jethro separated from the group. They returned to Nova Scotia, where they connected with The Troupe. The group would later found La Estrella Roja, a tavern specializing in entertainment.

Marlowe and Adina Inferni would depart the group for several months to carry on business in Portland. When Adina absconded with their goods, Marlowe attempted to locate her without luck. Frustrated, and thinking she may have returned to Nova Scotia, Marlowe gathered up what little remained and made his way back. He arrived to find his companions in turmoil, shaken by the death of Sawyer Cook. Despite attempts to carry on, within a month the group decided to depart the territory. Unwilling to abandon what had been a lucrative venture, Marlowe assumed control of La Estrella Roja. Unable to run the property alone, he began looking for help: and was lucky enough to find it in a group of wayward youths.
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