Chardonnay Chartreuse

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Other Characters:
Plains Wolf, Plains Coyote, Golden Jackal, European Wolf
Date of Birth:
8th March 2009
Luperci Ortus
Voice: Similar to Brad Pitt's

Height & Weight [br/]
Lupus: 95 lbs, 32 in tall, 70 in ft long [br/]
Secui: 180 lbs, 40 in tall, 52 in ft long [br/]
Optime 200 lbs, 6'5 ft fall [br/]
Prefers Optime form.

56.25% Plains Wolf
25% Plains Coyote
12.5% Golden Jackal
6.25% European Wolf
<tr><td class="row3"><b>Heritage</b>: 62.5% <i title="Plains Wolf"> Canis lupus nubilus</i>, 25% <i title="Plains Coyote">Canis latrans latrans</i>, 12.5% <i title="Indian Jackal"> Canis aureus indicus</i></td></tr>

Check out the two images below for a quick reference.

Chardonnay is a mixture of plains wolf, plains coyote and Golden Jackal. While his size and shape are most similar to that of a wolf, his leaner frame, slightly overlarge ears, fur color and longer legs in proportion to his body are evidence of his coyote-jackal ancestry. What he lacks in broadness and bulk is more than compensated by agility and swiftness. In hand to hand to combat it is these traits that give him an edge and enable him to hold his ground against bigger and more powerful opponents.

The colors of his fur are a blend of those found in his ancestor's respective species.

A dark brown stripe runs from the back of the ears ears, nose tip and muzzle top to the end of his tail, widest on the top of his shoulders and gradually tapering off along his back. In optime form, it shows up as his mane. The brown does not extend below the top of his eyes nor the forehead nor the sides, except for the very top portions of his shoulders.

His complete underside and the bottom of his tail is a golden cream. The rest of his body is a toasted honey-gold with a suggestion of russet overtones that lightens farther down his sides toward his underside.

His luperi and optime form are equally used. In unfamiliar territory and in more populated regions where encounters with strangers are frequent, his preferred form is optime as it gives him access to his weapons and inventory, dexterous hands and more options.

As a werewolf his appearance is traditional and feral; except for his mane, bipedal nature, appendages, hands and feet he might well be a canine standing on two legs. The mane is relatively short, and except for a few braids decorated with beads and feathers it is kept plain.

Usual summer attire of skins and leathers fashioned into loose leggings cut off the knees. Thick fur-lined leathers are worn just as much for protection against attacks as for the elements during the colder seasons.

Attached to a shoulder belt are a bow and a quiver of arrows. Around his waist by a belt is a long hunting knife, dirk, and numerous pouches containing medicine, fire-making equipment and other essentials.


The Images:

Chardonnay most looks, in terms of colour, like the images below. The images are copyright to their owners and, by no means, belong to me.

Image One Differences:

His ears are larger and it is clear that he is part coyote/jackal from his build and the shape of his head, though his physical appearance is most similar to that of a wolf.
The yellow creamy color on the chest and neck covers Chardonnary's complete underside. The main color of his body is lighter and more golden than the red in the picture. The black is is dark brown on Chardonnay and extends as a stripe from between his ears to his nose. The mane itself does not reach as far down his neck and shoulder, and should instead be separated from the his underside's creamy yellow by his main fur colour.

Chardonnay Chartreuse is a combination of the two anthros below, in colour and physical appearance.

This is the link to the source:
How I found it was by google searching the term "anthro wolf".


[Image: Anthro_Wolf.jpg][Image: Samburu_by_darknatasha.jpg]

[Image: events_main_thayer.jpg]
<i>Bulletins Taken and Adapted from Skana Creo</i> Hope it's all right! Seems like a fantastic idea :D.

Good Traits:
+ Caring towards friends
+ Hardworking
+ Loyal
+ Well-meaning

Bad Traits:
- Untrusting
- Cautious
- Stubborn
- Midlife Crisis/Loss of confidence
- Overtime: More pessimistic and feral since last active

Alignment: True Neutral

+ Tracking,
+ Hunting, Leatherwork, Trapping,
+ Minor Medicinal Skills
+ Archery
+ Dagger
+ Lupus/feral fighting and moderate hand-to-hand

- Slender size
- Lack of skill with Modernized Items/Weapons
- No higher Basic Skills in writing/reading
- No skill in riding

Social is not a term that comes to mind when describing Chardonnay; he is not talkative and prefers to observe as a means of gathering information. Due to his time with the Chartreuse family he is not the most comfortable around women and treats them with a sense of wariness and slight distrust. He is more at ease with men and had a close relationship with father. In terms of sexuality (not that he is experienced in that area) he is bisexual.

He is not easy to get to know but to those he calls friend he is protective and loyal to. He respects those who are in a position of authority and earn his respect. Power hungry tyrants he can not abide, holding a strong belief in individualism and freedom of will. For the most part he is mild manner but occasionally allows his deeper emotions to surface.

Wood wise, he excels at hunting, tracking, leather making, gathering and preparing, skilled to some extent in communicating with non-canids and is knowledgeable in the uses of fauna. Growing up he had a sparse education; he knows how to read but has not yet mastered all but the simplest aspects of writing and math.
The Soul's Universe: N/A

Outside: N/A, to be filled out.

The Chartreuse Family:

Felicity Chartreuse:
- Past Matriarch and grandmother of Chardonnay.
- Seduced by Xarius her coyote/jackal slave and had Nevara Chartreuse, Chardonnay's mother.
- Took Lasseroth as her mate and co-leader and had Temerity Chartreuse.
- Chose Temerity as hier.

Nevara Chartreuse
- Born to pack matriarch Felicity and her slave/lover Xarius. It is unknown if she had other siblings.
- Conniving and sly like her father, ambitious and passionate like her mother.
- Older sibling to her half-sister Temerity, later her top rival. Nevera viewed her with jealously and dislike, aware that Temerity's full-wolf blood jeopardized her own position in the pack as an heir.
- Became mates with Waverly, a subordinate, and had Chardonnay Chartreuse.
- Fell even further out of favour when Temerity was chosen as heir.

- Born to coyote and jackal parents, members of a coyote clan which were neighbors and rivals to the nearby Chartreuse pack.
- Was captured by the Chartreuses during a major conflict between the coyotes and wolves.
- Became personal slave to Felicity. Rose in Felicity's esteem and grew in influence, seducing her and fathering Nevara.
- Disappeared when Nevara was a child. It is unknown whether he was killed or driven out by the pack, who were very disgruntled by Felicity's mating with him.

Paternal Family

Waverly (Wolf X Wolf)
Father (Wolf) and Mother (Wolf x Coywolf)
Grandparents (Wolves), Maternal Grandmother (Wolf) and Maternal Grandfather (Coyote)


Nevara Chartreuse (Coyote/Jackal x Wolf)
Xarius (Coyote x Jackal) and Felicity Chartreuse (Pure Wolf)

Mother: Nevara Chartreuse
Father: Waverly
Chard was born to a large pack of matriarchal Luperci wolves near Lake Superior and the Upper Peninsula of the Great Lakes region in Michigan. At that time Felicity, his maternal grandmother, was the current leader with the support of Rivan, her sister, Lasseroth, her mate, and Loosetooth, second cousin once removed. A generation and a half ago his pack had declared war on a coyote clan that was becoming to uppity for their liking. Killing, capturing and running off their foes, the wolves scattered the coyotes and started to encroach on their former territory. Her first mate Hendrick and mother Shivan killed during the battle, young Felicity rose to an early leadership.

Not much is known about where Chardonnay originated except that it can be said he left a rough past behind him in a land far removed from Souls. He was born to the Chartreuses, a matriarchal pack of merciless plains wolves that despised weakness. Any signs of weakness, including hybridization, mercy, and acts of kindness, compassion and love (even, with some individuals, in private) were to scorned, despised and rooted out. Leadership was almost exclusively in the hands of the female members. The pack followed an authoritarian system with strict laws; members of middling and lower ranks, especially males, were often subject to harsh treatment from their superiors. Behind the scenes, rule breaking was not that uncommon; the higher ranking members knew about this, many of them having committed unlawful acts themselves, and as far as they were concerned perpetrators were innocent as long as they were not caught in the act. If the act was heinous enough, justice was applied by public shaming, mutilation, slavery, and death. Banning was very rare, for fear that the exiled may seek retribution, and reserved only for the closest direct descendants of the founding line upon the basis that because of their very close ties they would not seek to overthrow the family.

Prisoners of war and hapless wanderers who had been captured were often kept as servants, little more than slaves. One indian-jackal and coyote hybrid by the name of Xarius had been taken during a battle with a neighboring coyote clan. After serving in the pack lands for not very long, his jackal coloring and characteristics caught the eye of Felicity, the then-matriarch and grandmother of Chardonnay, who promptly made him her personal servant. Xarius, who was very intelligent and crafty, pressed his advantage as her favourite to seduce and thereby impregnate his mistress in an attempt to undermine her rule and send the pack into chaos. Ultimately, though not immediately, he succeeded at the cost of his life.

By the time Chardonnay left the pack it become unstable and greatly weakened. Having once been the dominating force in the area, the pack was had lost most of it's former glory and reputation and was on the brink of being obliterated by rivals sensing their time had come.

He underwent intensive training in the different uses for fauna, hand and knife combat, hunting and tracking, taught by his father Waverly. His mother was ambitions and as she was her mother's first daughter she believed, despite her mixed blood, that the leadership of the Chartreuse family was hers by right. Instead her younger, full-blooded wolf sister was chosen as heir. While grudgingly accepting of Felicity's mixed blood mating, the pack made it clear they would hold no tolerance for a half-wolf leader, even if meant breaking tradition by skipping the first-born female .
((Skype: Roseaotter)) Hallo, I'm Rosie! I just came back from a 2.5 year absence, from 'Souls, and highly regret leaving in the first place. Chardonnay is my first and only character on here, and if you wanna rp feel free to let me know; I'm up for pretty much anything. Robin Hobb is one of the best all time authors of fantasy out there and is my favourite to read; I highly recommend checking out her books.
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