Kali de le Poer

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Hybrid (coyote, wolf, and dog)
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2nd November 2012
Kali is a coyote-dominant hybrid. Her extremities are long, slender, and tapered, which betrays the majority of what her blood contains, but the muddiness in her genetics is even more-so evident in the boxier shape of her muzzle, the more powerful structure of her shoulders and thighs, as well as the clear color and pattern of her fur. Her left forepaw/hand is distinctly scarred but uninhibited in function; in fact, she's very much left-handed.

Her eyes (unnerving and mainly emotionless, aside from snide teasing) are a glowering orange hue like a candlelit jack-o'-lantern. Mostly occupying her Optime form -- as it is the most weapon-capable form available -- she will tie her long hair back with variously colored bandanas or simply braid it for practicality.
Fiercely proud first and foremost, Kali's personality regularly stems from this trait and the inherent fact that it affects almost everything about her. A perfectionist at her peak, she comes off as uptight and generally humorless upon first meeting her, but it doesn't take long for her confidence to begin exuding "en masse" and her unabashed comfort in her own skin to become apparent to those around her.

She protects herself through repression of emotion and emitting a very relaxed -- though intensely watchful -- behavior at nearly all times. She is private, selective, and withholding, which may or may not be more damaging to her psyche than she might admit.
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