Kira Raine

Luperci Mate to Abigail
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Grey Wolf Canis Lupus
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19th October 2010
Luperci Ortus
General Appearance / Lupus: A some what smaller than the average male wolf, though no less intimidating when/if such a thing is required of him. Although his fur is a mixture of Grey, white and black fur - much of such is predominantly white and grey, regardless of the time of year; the only area's in which there is a differance in fur color is upon all his paws. Black fur covering all paws to a point that it looks as if he is wearing 'socks' on all his feet.

Kira's emerald green eyes are surprisingly expressive; sometimes filled with a certain amount of curiosity and playfulness before reverting to something of a more serious nature during such a time that is required.

Although small in size compared to some other male's, Kira does have a certain amount of muscles beneath his fur - though not so much that are apparant only when he shifts into the Secui or Optime forms does Kira's muscles bulk up considerably.

Secui: This is when what little muscle that Kira has within his Lupus form increases slightly, Such things bulk up to a point he almost looks like an oversized pitbull with a mane of fur around his neck that can occasionally rival that of a lions.

Optime: Within his Bipedal form all trace of fur from around his neck naturally fades and all that remains is a tuft of lengthened hair that resides atop his head and hangs over his eyes. In regards to height Kira stands about 6'1" with a small muscle mass.

Unique Scent: Cinnamon, Apples, slightly 'musky'

Casa di Cavalieri scents; Metallic, Salty, Woodsy, and horses
Quiet & Withdrawn - Some may associate this with Kira being either shy or just plain unsociable, but the truth is entirely different. Due to his lack of socialization with large groups of Luperci often means that he will be more willing to listen and observe all that occurs around him and as a result of such he may be more submissive than what he may usually be, at least until such a time came he becomes comfortable around others.

Playful / Serious - Capable of balancing such things dependent upon what may be most needed and how comfortable around those that he comes to know and what situation he may find himself in. Though such a playful side takes time in which to become more evident and for this male Luperci to become more comfortable around others, this also applies to how serious Kira can become - when such a thing is required.

Loyal - If there is one thing in which you could fault Kira upon is that he can be loyal to those in which he values above all others. Regardless of what trouble such beings find themselves within, if he feel's that such beings need someone to give them some moral support or defend them in some way then he will be willing to do such a thing. Regardless of what the consequences may be involved and what trouble may be involved for him.

So in short; a mostly quiet and wary Luperci around those he is not comfortable around but once he does become settled a more loyal and slightly playful individual. And also a surprisingly gentle and compassionate wolf to any that may get close enough to him or for that one special being. Though he will try to deny such things unless unable to do such things.
{No actual known living relations on or off board}

Lycaon - adopted brother - one of the few of Kira's pack mates that he formed a close bond in such a short space of time and can say he would do anything for.

Children; Cicely Sadira, Ajax Raine
There is not much to tell in regards to Kira's past.
The only surviving child of parents who - for many reasons beyond his understanding - had always been what were considered 'loners', having never been a part of any pack during Kira's life. This being the leading reason behind why he lacks the necessary social skills in which are required for life within a pack.

Though a mere year after his birth did Kira find himself alone; no trace of his parents to be found - even a scent to follow proved to be something of a difficult thing. It were around this time in which he were forced to roam forth in search of not only enough in which to sustain him long enough in which to survive alone but make numerous attempts in which to dare find a pack in which not only he wished to be a part of but one in which would accept this lone Luperci rather than turn him away like the ones before.
This is what has brought Kira here - the prospects of a 'family' in which to possibly be a part of and a place in which to live without fear of remaining alone and something in which to be a part of.

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