Octavius Poer de Angelo

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1st August 2011
Octavius is massive, well over seven feet tall and nearly three-hundred pounds in Optime. He is burly and muscular, with broad shoulders and thick limbs. His fur is stark white, offset by a dark nose and bright red eyes. Other than his size, he is best characterized by his broad smiles and spiked hair.
Octavius is loud and friendly, as well as kind-hearted and a bit of a gentle giant, though a bit dense. While usually harmless and optimistic, believing the best of others and shying away from violence, he is all business when it comes to his duties as guardian.
Octavius Poer de Angelo is member of Krokar.

He is the son of Naniko D'Angelo and Barrett Poer de Aika XIII, born in Anathema. He left Nova Scotia in May 2012 but to fulfill a pact made with brothers Severus and Judas. Quickly, he pledged himself to Judas -- and defended the man from accusations of (very real) terrible deeds. After Judas' death, Octavius wandered without purpose before helping found a new pack in the north.
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