Alexander Osiris

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37.5% Coyote, 25% Jackal, 25% Wolf, 12% German Shepard
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6th June 2006
Alexander was born to a nomadic band of gypsies, traders, minor thieves, merchants, entertainers, tinkers and a few stranger types. The clan consisted mostly of coyotes, a few dog and wolf hybrids, and a small family of jackal and coy-jackals of which he was part of. They were largely peaceful and only fought when they needed to defend themselves. For the most part they migrated wherever the trade and the opportunities that came with it took them, occasionally stopping for a few months every other year. Once having established their base of operations, a temporary camp or village at best, they would nurture a trading relationship with the local groups of canines, exchanging exotic, non-local, and hard-to-get wares for food, supplies and local wares. By transporting items they had bought, traded or even stolen from the various corners of the continent and selling them at very jacked up price in the places where they were a rarity, they did not need to live off the land and suffer much hardships aside from the usual brigands. The clan found themselves doing very well and if were much more ambitious and organized they arguably could have become a controlling faction in North America's trade.
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