Zakiel Sarkis

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75% jackal (golden, egyptian), 19% coyote (n. east, mexican), 3% wolf (red), 3% dog (domestic)
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4th June 2012
Still young, he is thin and sinewy, with elegant, tapered features. Growing into a tall frame, his fur is a pale, desert gold and his eyes are blood-red. He has black ticking throughout his coat, seemingly darkening it. His body is scarred due to his past as a slave and he paints around his eyes with kohl. Essentially, he resembles an ordinary golden jackal and isn't particularly remarkable in any manner. His voice is deep and masculine. [x]
Dark, brooding, and guarded due to a harsh past, he possesses an optimistic viewpoint regardless.
Mkhai Lykoi, father, prince. Zahra Sarkis, mother, slave.
Born in Egypt, his father was a prince but his mother was a slave, resulting in his own enslavement due to class being carried through the mother's line. After a death close to him through mistreatment when he was six months old, he killed his owner and fled. He struggled to survive on the run, quickly finding passage aboard a foreign ship and heading to Europe, then America. He speaks Arabic fluently, can get by in English, and knows bits and pieces of Turkish. He learned English only after leaving Istanbul, and still speaks with a heavy accent.
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