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Luperci Ortus
True to her heritage, Whyrl is a large wolf with a sleek, lean frame. She's not particularly special when it comes to appearance. She is neither overly muscled nor especially curvy. Every part of her body appears slightly boxy. Her face is a pleasant square and her muzzle is almost doggish. Her appendages look to thin and long for such a heavy wolf. It gives her a precarious picking, almost skipping, gait. Her walk has more purpose than grace. She carries herself with confidence that is almost arrogant.

When in Optime she is large, but not outstandingly tall. Slender, but not thin. Her limber legs make up most of her body, her arms are long and slender. She wears her long mane in no particular style. Its tangled and wild, the only styling it receives is an occasional combing. She doesn't really care about her appearance, she's never had a reason to. Without her arrogant posture, she would seem wispy and easy to overlook.

Whyrl's coat is mostly white in color. clear specks of black and smoky grey along her back break the pureness of her coloration. Her fur has a sleek texture and is very dense. Her eyes are a powdery baby blue. She goes unclothed and is most often seen in lupus form.
* Nomadic; Whyrl has a strong desire to roam. She wanders not because of a need to see the world, but because of the since of freedom travel gives her.

* Ignorant; The woman isn't stupid, stubborn, or judgmental, she is simply inexperienced and innocent. Her solitary, mostly Non-Luperci past has left her without much knowledge.

* Curious; Whyrl ''hates'' looking stupid, but she needs to ask questions to learn. She has a particular affinity for human like behaviors of Luperci. Her curiosity and inexperience can make her very gullible.

* Sarcastic; Although she is typically a very friendly individual she has a dark and sour sort of humor.

* Open Minded; Whyrl isn't the type to hold biases. She'll try anything once, and is not very stubborn.

* Arrogant; Whyrl likes to think she's the best at everything, even if she knows she's not. While she won't be outright boastful, her dominant posture and snarky comments speak for her.

* Wild; Whyrl is unaccustomed to life as a Luperci. Although she is very open and eager to try new things she still finds more human like behaviors strange. She is most comfortable in her Lupus form.

* Temperamental; Whyrl has a tendency to be emotional and jump to conclusions to quickly. Her anger is fierce and quick. She can be frustrated and hurt easily.
In the well hidden nook of a mountain far to the north of 'Souls lived a pack of Non-Luperci. They had lived in the mountains for as long as any of the living members could remember. They would endure the terrible winters, living off the plentiful supply of sickly animals. During the lean summer months, they would pray not to stave.

Life went on, season after season in the traditional way until one summer a strange thing occurred. Two wolves who walked up-right staggered into their home and attacked Bleak, the Father of the Family. Bleak fought them away, but he was severely beaten. He healed quickly and all seemed well, but one day he stretched and snarled and twisted into a two legged wolf. The pack saw it neither as a curse nor a blessing. It wasn't long after that the Mother of the Family began to shift as well. It was strange, but no one questioned it, it was not the Family's way to question what nature gave them. It was a joy however, when the Mother showed signs of pregnancy.

The winter in northern Canada is harsh and strange, but never has winter seen a night as harsh and strange as the night when Whyrl and he siblings were born. It was the darkest day of the year and so cold that a wolf's nose would crack and dry if exposed to the weather for too long. Never in all the years that the Family could remember had a litter been born at such an unfortunate season.

Though the Family felt as if the puppies would surely die, they huddled around the entrance of the Mother's den to keep out the wind and snow. The Mother, Dandelion, found it strange to be curled up in a badger's abandoned den with her newly discovered hands and feet curled around her squealing puppies. There were three of them. The fist was a large male with a pelt of timber wolf grey and white, the second a female who's pelt was like melting snow, and a third male who was small and dark in color. Their names were Omen, Whyrl, and Ever.

Despite the strange timing of their birth the pups were hardy, much stronger than any Dandelion had had before her shift. The puppies played and ate and pestered their packmates as all young puppies would. In the winter months food was plentiful, there were many sick and injured animals for the ancient pack to hunt down. The spring was just as good to the Family. Dandelion and Bleak were able to catch prey that was twice as large as they. The ability to shift could have been a blessing, but they only thought of it as an oddity, if they thought of it at all.

It was strange when the puppies first shift occurred, but the pack soon dismissed it and went on to think about more serious matters. It was Summer and food was scarce. Herds seemed to be moving away. The situation became so dire that some of the pack's wolves died of starvation. The Family mourned, accepted the deaths, and went on.

The puppies had, by now, shown their strong personalities. Omen was strong and dutiful. Ever was modest and wise. Whyrl was curious and brash and rebel-like, all things that the Family looked down upon. She would often sneak away from her home to adventure and explore. The Family frustrated her. They would ignorantly accept anything that occurred to them and forget about it as soon as possible. The Family did not take time to learn from their mistakes, or even consider change as an advantage to survival. It bothered her how try could so easily forget the deaths of such beloved pack mates. There was so much more prey beyond the mountain, why wouldn't the family even attempt to relocate?

One day, as the leaves began to show the first signs of change, Whyrl meet a stranger on one of her excursions. She had never meet anyone outside of the pack and was both curious and fearful. When the old luperci spoke to her without aggression she began to talk with him. Though their conversation was short, she realized how ignorant she was. She could not read or write or carve things from wood or even know the propper name of a knife. She realized how brutal and stupid and meaningless the life of the Family was.

Why hated feeling stupid. In a moment of brashness and rage whyrl flung her skinny body in a southward direction and began to look for the knowledge she had just began to thirst for. The days grew shorter and the weather cold, food became more plentyful. Though she had become a proficient hunter and her fur had gotten back it's healthy shine, she was no closer to being any wiser. When she arrived in novascotia she realized she had not meet a single soul on her travels.
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