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7th December 2010
She Has light brown with white underside from chin to base of tail
She has a darker brown stripe from her forehead that appeared after her first month that goes from the top of her forehead to the tip of her tail. Blue eyes with a hint of purple. Her hair is a darker brown then her body fur but not by much. It is wavy and long and she keeps it loose on her head. She may adorn jewelry here or there but doesn't usually keep it on. She does wear a necklace with a wooden squirrel around her neck that Saul made for her. She can sometimes be seen wearing a purple scarf in her hair (given to her by Foxglove). If she is not wearing her scarf she is wearing an Irish cap. She also adorns a blue flannel t shirt and capri's most of the time now, unless she is going somewhere formal then she will put on a decent dress.

She is 5'9" in Optime form. And about 130 lbs

In Lupus form she is about 20 inches and 45 lbs

In Secui form she is about 27 inches and 110 lbs.
Far more reserved than she was as a puppy, she still speaks her mind, and lets people know if they have any flaws. She is honest and true, and loyal (even if she left to go on a journey.) She is self diciplined and takes things as they are
Eclipse was born in Dahlia de Mai to Conor Soul and Bris Stormbringer. Her life has been moved around as she finds herself abandoned by her father, and suspectedly her mother, though she finds out about that after she runs away. She finds a home with a bear as well as a few other wolves before going into Crimson Dreams where she sticks around for only a short time until Saul finds her. He convinces her to go with him and brings her to Ichika no Hoen where she becomes a member. She has a crush on Razekiel, but doesn't say it, though he teaches her about the.... beauties of life, though Jace gives her the talk far better. Soon Eclipse's feet ache and she wonders what is outside the borders of InH and decides to take a small tour of "the world".

Though she found it far bigger than she expected, she decided to come back, feeling homesick and wishing to be with her family once more. Before coming back a friend she traveled with during that time taught her how to use a bow and ever since she practiced diligently until she became well trained at it. She perfected her cooking technique and learned new things before feeling the need to look for more family after Saul leaves the pack.

She leaves to find that there's more than she expected about both sides of her family which she gets from rumors (and believes even though much of the rumors are false) and soon comes back. On the way back she was saved by a horse who scared her into jumping back from a cliff and though she would not let Eclipse touch her she followed the young woman into Nova scotia.

She was offered a place in Saul's pack but she declines, even after hearing about Ichika's demise. She found her home in Cercatori where she learns more new things and makes new friends. She finally feels at home. Even after she visits her family in Vinatta and cooks for them. Unfortunately she goes into her first heat alone and mates with Aro Marino who impregnates her. Unfortunately she loses her pups but in doing so it brings her and her now good friend Robert Collins together... To be continued.
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