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18th November 2010
Luperci Ortus
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Good Traits: Passionate, protective, loyal, outgoing, fun-loving, flirtatious.

Bad Traits: Distrusting, temperamental, stubborn, blunt, aggressive.

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-By Me-
Mother: Mhearai Bríddn [MAIR-ee]
Father: Graedi Bríddn [GRAY-dee]
Brother: Riu Bríddn [ROO]


Caught In The "Crossfire":
Born Ciara Bríddn [Kee-AR-uh BREE-din] beside her brother Riu Bríddn in Newfoundland, her parents Mhearai Bríddn [MAIR-ee] and Graedi Bríddn [GRAY-dee], did everything they could to ensure their children grew up prepared to face the real world. Always hating her given name, Ciara swiftly adopted the alias Match. She does not share her true name with many. As she grew up, Match perfected the art of combat and honed her survival skills. She soon left home and joined a band of traveling mercenaries and was immediately accepted into the group. Along the way in her travels she took many jobs and fell in love with one of her cohorts, a charming male named Ádhamh Connery [AHM Con-REE]. The two were very close, courted one another and were due to be married (Ádhamh gave her her horse, Crossfire as a pre-wedding gift) when out on a particularly dangerous mission, Ádhamh was killed. After the event, Match hardened herself against the world and left the band and set off on her own seeking solitude in her grief. Today she wanders around, taking jobs here and there, getting into trouble and partying hard but typically she never stays in one place too long.
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