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20th May 2008
Luperci Ortus
Jace is rather odd colored for a wolf. Her eyes are two different colors; the left being blue and the right being amber.

Her muzzle is jet black fading almost immediately to white as it reaches her face, the majority of her face is white with tan circles around her eyes and on her ear tips. Her face is marred by a set of claw scars that run diagonally across her face from left to right only narrowly missing both eyes and a thin slice of her right ear missing along with a narrow straight scar just below her left ear. Her ears never fully straightened out so are permanently curled over just at the top. Her mane area is dark brown that flows down onto her back to make a kind of saddle that ends at the beginning of her tail, which is also completely white apart from a tan tip. Her sides are a greyish white color fading darker down onto her paws which are a darker ashen grey. Her entire belly, chest and abdomen is pure white.

Her body is littered with scarring the largest of which are a set of three parallel claw marks that begin at the top of her left shoulder and descend diagonally across her sternum, chest, breasts, stomach to finally end at the top of her right thigh.

Her fur is very fluffy and warm, due to her Arctic Wolf ancestry allowing her to survive in very cold places and extreme weather, and grows longer around her head and neck area giving her the appearance of having a small 'mane' kind of like a lion's but a lot smaller.

Jace is small for a wolf and is therefore small in her other two forms as well. Under tipping the scales at just 62 lbs in lupus form, 119 in Secui and 156 as Optime. Her optime height comes to 5' 7"

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