Havoc Creed

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Coydog-dominant hybrid (47.5% Plains Coyote, 50% Domestic Dog, 2.5% Grey Wolf)
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20th December 2013
Luperci Ortus
As a near perfect mix between coyote and dog (with a smattering of wolf heritage so small that it is inconsequential), Havoc's appearance borrows heavily from his parents and their heritage. Whereas his father's dog breeds were split evenly between a Siberian Husky and Labrador Retriever, his mother possessed a high amount of coyote blood.

His coat is dominated by pale golden tones with splashes of red and orange thrown in. While his build resembles a coyote more than a dog's, his fur is much thicker and his ears are slightly smaller than his mother's. He has a thin muzzle, long legs, and bushy tail: all characteristics of a coyote. Much of his pale coat colour derives from his father's dog heritage. His coat patterning resembles a husky's, with a strong delineation between his main coat colour and his underbelly. However, his coat features a variety of colours, owing to his coyote heritage.
Of all the siblings, Havoc has the worst temper. He is easily angered, easily riled up, and difficult to diffuse. In this manner, he resembles his grandfather, Hybrid Holocaust, to a certain degree. However, unlike his grandfather, he is slightly more capable of reflecting on his actions at a later point and accepting his faults. Havoc can be quite self-critical, is highly disciplined, and a hard-working student. However, when he fails to grasp a concept quickly enough, he can easily become frustrated.
Parents: Wraith Creed and Mido
Siblings: Aether Creed and Vendetta Massacre
Havoc Creed is the son of Wraith Creed and Mido born on December 22, 2013 Inferni. He was born alongside his two siblings, Vendetta Massacre and Aether Creed. He is currently a member of Anathema after leaving Inferni.
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