Arctic Ignem Cultro

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Eurasian Wolf
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17th February 2012
Luperci Verto
Not quite snow white||
Like sugar saturated across a sandy surface, Arctic's pelt is not the stereotypical bleach white to shock the lenses and cause a rapid succession of blinks. No, rather her pelt is a soft white smudged with tints of cream knitted through the course hair. And course it is certainly is for her fur is made up of a complex network of individual thick strands creating a dense blanket of coagulated hair fibres though will always feel extremely soft to the touch. This girl, although not one for appearances, likes to upkeep her tidiness so not a strand is allowed out of place- if she is in the mood of course. If not, her pelt is thrown into a disarray of wildly spiked up hairs in varying orientations.

But still as sweet||
At least her appearance creates the deception of a saccharine figure though she is far from in her mental stature of course. Her muzzle is elongated and sharp at the points, highlighting her light absorbent eyes of obsidian tint. A dainty maw lined with ebony coloured lips can draw back to reveal menacing fangs in the cavern of her maw. Her torso is just as delicate and threatening fragility though this little wolf is far from ceramic, more like a stainless steel in porcelain disguise.

With raven black hair||
Well, not quite. In fact, this refers to the black hole like oculars set evenly apart on the crest of her skull, facing forwards just as a predator's binomial vision should and aimed always with a fine tuned precision. Indeed this petite wolf is a hunter and skilled at her art.

Optime form||
She is quite petite though she has height on her side so nothing is too out of proportion, at 5"5ft. Her eyes retain their rich black hue and her fur it's soft cream-white shade. Her hair is curled wildly and a vivid black. Wip
With an eagle eye of Observance||
The sullen silence of her calculating watchfulness when her curiosity is enraptured drives a certain shiver down the recipient's spine- sparks of electricity tingling down the vertebrae of the object of her inquiry with a gasp inducing surprise. Although eerie, her obsidian hued orbs have a clear concentrated control to them as she bores her gaze into the situation or creature she thrives to learn more on to, if not protect herself, protect the safety of others.

Innovative minds find ways||
But why so observant?
How can a non-luperci possible find a route to innovation? Well, through difficulty yes but it is not impossible and Arctic was actually just as intellectual as she is now as when she was before she was infected with the virus three weeks ago. Her mind, yes, seems to have a sharp glass share edge to it now that allows her brain to process things more swiftly and clearly than before though it was always what this reclusive she wolf had always drives for. Knowledge was power but not in the idea that power would normally be connoted with. Of course, at times, her cold heart mirroring her frostbite name depicts an shatterproof self-centred guarded nature though her core is just as mushy as a warm caramel heart of melted toffee. Yes, she is hard to break at first but it is not impossible, just hard and mind tiring.

To guard secrets in their reticent claws||
She is reclusive, yes, but her hostility is accounted for in her caged past like a tamed beast though it isn't always so easily kept in the recesses of her mind. Just like any other, the far craves socialisation with her fellow canid- especially with the powerful tug of her primal infection through the virus coating her DNA. She may be difficult to warm to but her undying loyalty and protection will be awarded to any whom she seems compadres and will never question their friendship towards her after.
Father:: Unknown
Mother:: Unknown
Siblings:: Unknown

Pups:: None
Friends/Acquaintances:: Kira, Vesper, Shiloh
Enemies:: None
Current mate:: Perhaps planned
Flames burst from the shadows||
T'was a dark and stormy night...
Naw I'm only messing with you. It was actually pretty hot and dry as hell on the day of the inferno which was probably why the spark lit in the first place and spread like wildfire. See, Arty was never a part of a true pack, just the measly gatherings of rogues that changed faces almost every season. She had no clue as to who her father was, a loner her mother had encountered on a heat cycle, and her mother barely stuck around. She was not the only one of her litter, no, for their was her exact replica brother and the extreme polar opposite of her black pelted sister.
Of course, the rogue group caught the scent of smoke well before the fire reached though the canids were tossed into a chaotic panic of useless flailing and organising so that, when the fire reached, the yearling old Arctic could only run and scent the slowly fading hints of her siblings. She does not know whether they survived or not though she spent plenty of time looking till another lone mother found her and took her under her paw.

and scorched her flank with a malicious vengeance||
Only last December, 2013, was when Arctic departed forcefully from her makeshift family though it was not a premade decision. Days before the young Eurasian fae had spotted a rogue male, or so she thought, closing in on her adopted younger sister and leaped to her aid only to suffer a brutal maiming by the larger and brighter wolf. That was the day she became infected. Now a luperci vurto, the femme shook with fearful states as she attempted to prevent the shifts threatening a total of two weeks after whilst her wounds were healing still. Again she was forced from home and sent to live near the packs now in the loner lands as a lone wolf, her worst nightmare.

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