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21st December 2009
Luperci Ortus
Fenrir Lupercus is a dull black Eastern timber wolf with a dull grey underbelly, his pelt rather silk like and soft to the touch. His eyes are heterochromia in which his right eye is a pale soul piercing ice blue that is blinded by cataracts forcing his pupil to be nothing more than a shadow while the blue of his iris pierces through. His left eye is a burning amber an opposing color to the ice of his right eye.In his Lupus form he is 145 lbs and 43 inches in height. In secui form he weighs 270 lbs and 52 inches in height. Finally his optime form is 7 ft.6 in. and he weighs 284 lbs. He is commonly is found wearing a near pristine hooded cloak that is a pale tan with a small off white colored spiral seashell in the center of the hood where it connects to the rest of the cloak . When this not worn it is put into a deer hide bag, that holds his prized chess set, which he wears on his back when in Lupus or in Secui form. In all forms he is commonly seen with a mini braid that exposes the hairline fracture scars over his right eye from where he fell into a thorn bush when he was a pup Inside the braid is a cleaned crow feather appropriately place high up on the braid itself so he can push it behind his ears with ease and no worries of the braid falling out. He is of a slender build but he is still muscularly fit and while his muscles are thin they are strong and compliment his natural agility.
Fenrir has a reserved and often shy nature. He commonly spends time in abandoned complexes using any and all free time to strategize and use said strategies in a chess based format. He has chosen this life of isolation due to his anxiety around others. When nervous his prone to scratching his left paw. But the time he has to himself only sharpen's his near genius intelligence. He has a love for art and literature making reading another one of his many past times. Socially he is awkward he never truly had a mate due to his habit of getting tongue tied he is barely able to say his own name to a female. But what he lacks in confidence he makes up for in intuition and creativity commonly carving his interpretation of what the human structures looked like when they were first built. He often carries a satchel along with his bag full of journals and diaries of deceased humans, these feed his curiosity in the lives of humans. To put it simply this awkward lean individual has an odd and almost irrational attachment towards his chess set willingly sacrificing his life to protect it. Said chess set was given to him by Gerard the only wolf to ever truly raise him other than his sister. But aside from human culture, art, and chess his only other quirk is his oddly dark sense of humor contrasting his timid nature it is truly unexpected.
Selene Vulgate-Deceased: Fenrir's older sister and idle ever since he was partially blind at birth she has taken care of him teaching him how to hunt and how to use his mind rather than his brawn. He loved his sister more than his own mother but sadly now he only fears her.
Set Vulgate-Deceased: His father was loving, caring, and respectful of his son for even when he saw his son's afflicted eye he stayed behind him and made sure he was safe.
Isis Vulgate-Deceased: While a respectable mother figure she was not above playing favorites. Selene was her shining star and hope for the pack she didn't believe a crippled wolf could lead and so she was more distant to him than his father. Even though she was his aunt, she still had a position among the alphas helping Set lead.

Victoria Vulgate-Deceased: Fenrir's step mother that was strict but loving. She was continuously impressed by her step son. She taught him Spanish, her native Language, along with French while Fen was being taught Latin and English from his Father. She herself was an amazing artist and taught Fenrir all he knows about art, sewing, and crafting while his father taught him warfare and diplomatic skills.

Gerard Smith (( Originally Thales Lupercus))-Deceased: An elderly wolf who wondered without a mate or a pup he found Fenrir and decided this was his one chance to be a father and teach him the things he enjoyed such as chess. Gerard loved him as a son and died calling him such. Fenrir loved Gerard as a father and keeps him close to his heart.
The Vulgate blood line was a well known family in it were the largest and smartest of wolves within their pack. Fenrir was a large pup with a need, an urge to explore and learn. The only thing that matched the pup's size was his intelligence. His older sister Selene was the Alpha of their pack after his mother Isis and his father Set stepped down due to old age they believed they would begin to hinder the pack's survival this was approximately when he was 4 months meaning he was still too young to lead the pack as per his parents original intentions so they allowed Selene to lead. By the time he was 5 months his parents passed away and Selene saw no use for Fenrir to stay so he was exiled under the threat of death. This scarred the young wolf he had just been exiled by his sister the one who taught him everything every trick he knew this made him question people. The mistrust lead to fear as he wander avoiding packs and interaction with others and soon when fear disappeared i had made him shy and reserved loving solitude. He traveled a great and long distance when he was 12 months old along with an older loner Gerard Smith Who had of his own free will left his pack in the thought that his respiratory complications, he was not long for this world. At the halfway mark Gerard had died from the efforts of the journey running a marathon was too much for his damaged lungs and soon he succumbed to the cold. Now Fenrir moves with the local herds hunting and resting in abandoned structures.Attempting to forget his old name of Epicurus Vulgate, per the ceremony of his exile was his name was changed but as he was an Alpha his last name was stripped from him. His last name was a gift from his travelling companion Gerard that wished for him to carry on his family's name. He has grown back the muscle he had loss early on in his journey and during his adventures as hedoes have a missing GDF-8 gene that causes rapid muscle growth and in some cases muscle loss
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