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Stonebriar (Stone)
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Timber Wolf
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24th January 2013
Luperci Ortus
Stone is an all black she wolf with emerald green eyes. She is about twenty six inches in her Lupus form. Weighing in at about seventy one pounds in this form. In her Secui form she is just over four feet and weighs around one hundred and forty pounds. She doesn't like this form as much as the Lupus form as she is only twelve months. In her Optime form she stands about six foot five inches and weighs one hundred and forty five pounds. Her mane is longer and lengthens to just below her shoulders. Though her mane is also black she has dyed streaks of red into it. In all of her forms she has a slight limp in her left hind leg. Stone also has a scar running from her right shoulder, over her back and down her left flank. Though it is relatively over grown by her fur it is still visible if you get close or come in contact with her. Accompanying this scar she has many scars and tears in her ears because of fights she would get into at home. Being very light weighted for her breed she is very fast and agile so she tries to avoid conflicts.
Stonebriar is a relatively submissive wolf. She doesn't feel very comfortable being around other wolves and when she is she tries to be very polite and generous. Even is she steps out of bounds by a hairline she knows it and will try to regain your trust and forgiveness. Because of her submissive state, Stone will often hied her face behind her mane. Though it is only half her face she will rarely look an alpha or higher ranking wolf in the eye. Unless she is given permission or ordered to do so. One of her most common phrases is "I am so sorry. I never meant any thing by that." As she is used to being wrong or told that she is. Though the she wolf knows she is right, even if told other wise, she will hold her tongue. However, as she becomes more accustomed to being around other werewolves her shyness lessens. If she has known them most of her life or for a very long time, Stone is very out spoken. Though she still knows her place and the boundaries of which she should not cross. Also, if she is knew Stone will tend to ask a lot of questions about the rules or even ask the same question twice.
Only Zaroc and Lichen are alive to her current knowledge.
Stone, from a young pup, had a very close bond with her mother and father. They were always nice and loving towards their only daughter and loved to spoil her. However, her eldest brother, did not like the attention the runt of the litter was getting. So he set out to disable the pup or even kill her. Zaroc, the eldest of the pups, is the one that caused her scaring and disability in her left leg. The two eldest brothers ganged up on her and told her that if she didn't leave they would make her. Stone didn't believe them until they attacked her on her first hunt. Lichen had pinned her down while Zaroc scared her. After that the young wolf has been on the run from them. Every thing scares her. Every noise. Every unfamiliar scent. Even the feel of unknown ground beneath her paws is enough to make her want to turn tail and run back to the safety of her mother and father.

Having done this once, Stone aquired the painful disability to her left hind leg. She thought that this was all just a joke and that they just wanted to play with her. That her getting hurt and running away was all just part of the plan. Well that was the exact opposite of the brother's plan. Once their little sister left they told their parents that Stone had been killed by other werewolves. This forced them to go searching for their daughter's killers. Only to find they were led to a trap. Soon they were killed by Zaroc and Lichen. Stone has never gone home after she heard of the death of her parents. To scared to find out the real truth about her brothers. This makes her very shy around other wolves. Especially submissive to a dominant wolf.
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