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Jack Russell mix
Date of Birth:
27th January 2012
Height: 28 centimeters (11 inches)
Weight: 7 kilograms (16 pounds)

Overall, well-built and very hardy - muscly hind legs, webbed toes, big bones, and a strong jaw - like most other terriers. She may be small, but she certainly is not weak.

The base of her coat is milky white. Faint splotches of inky black appear in various parts of her body, including her face. Her maw is spotted with little freckles the same obsidian color as her other markings. Her eyes are tiny and dark, dark brown, almost black. There is always a very apparent look of alertness within them.

Around her neck, there is a fully-functioning compass. She, with her extensive knowledge of geography and the layout of the earth, can use it - and typically does us it - to determine where she is in relation to Mecca for when she prays. She always keeps her Quran - which is relatively small - somewhere around her, she carries it very carefully in her mouth.
Aloof, standoffish, and a girl of very few words, Kawthar keeps things to herself and is reluctant to initiate conversations with others out of her own social-ineptness. Contrary to what her actions may show, Kawthar secretly desires - very strongly - to achieve emotional intimacy with other people.

At this point in her life, however, she feels that the only individual she can be entirely open with is Allah (name for "God" in Islam). Her faith plays a pivotal role in her life, it is the one thing that means the most to her. When asked about her faith, she opens up - comes out of her protective shell - to tell of it and its importance to her.

Due to her own social-ineptness and the prevalence of her faith in her life, Kawthar is never violent with other people. When she is provoked, she is far more likely to respond in a calm, level-headed manner than to outwardly attack the said person. Although not often, she may also respond in a passive-aggressive (nonviolent, indirectly aggressive) manner.
Kawthar was born in a remote area south of Mecca - which is in Saudi Arabia. Her parents were both dogs - neither of them luperci - that had descended from the dogs that had been kept as pets by humans in that region. She was the only surviving pup in her litter, her three other siblings - all male - had been stillborn. Her father had left before she was born and her mother, shortly after her birth, went off to go find food in the desert, never to return. Dhakirah, a Fennec fox, found her and was the one who gave her her name.

Dhakirah, having just recently given birth, raised Kawthar along with her kits and nursed her. Once Kawthar, and her kits, were weaned, Dhakirah lead them up to Mecca. Along the way, Dhakirah told of Mecca and its religious significance - she passed her faith down to her each of her children.
Upon reaching Mecca, the family established themselves at the Kaaba - Dhakirah occasionally taking her children on little excursions around the Al-Masjid al-Haram mosque that it was apart of and the rest of Mecca. The kits grew anxious to start out their lives on their own, but Kawthar feared having to live independently - she loved Dhakirah very dearly.

When the kits were roughly one and a half years of age, they all started going their separate ways - much to Dhakirah's disappointment. Kawthar stayed with her mother, who would have no more kits since she was twelve years of age and her health was declining. Kawthar learned that, over the course of her life, Dhakirah had had very many kits, had taught them much about the religion of Islam, but that they had all always - very quickly - grown anxious to "leave the nest". Except for her, Kawthar, who had shown interest in her so-called ramblings and motherly love.

Dhakirah and Kawthar came upon a university library close to Mecca and chose to live there together. At the library, Kawthar - with her mother - spent time learning to read, then improving upon their newly-acquired ability to read (Arabic only), and also reading numerous books on geography among other things. Together, they grew to be very well-learned individuals.

But then it happened. Dhakirah, having finally lived out her life to its entirety, passed away. Kawthar was torn, and she knew in her heart that she could not stay where she was any longer - she needed to move on to the next chapter of her life, staying there would only hold her back. So, in preparation for this new beginning, she ripped out a map of the world - from one of the university books - and stuffed it inside of the Quran that Dhakirah passed down to her, then also taking the compass Dhakirah had worn around her neck with her. She wandered north and, becoming acquainted with a troop of luperci merchants, came to Nova Scotia by boat.
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