Lila Jordans

Discord Handle: hannawolf#1009
50% Border Collie, 50% Grey Wolf
Date of Birth:
8th September 2013
In all forms, Lila has Black Squeeze as her primary color, showing mostly on her belly, chest, and throat; around her ruff; down all four legs, and in a blaze on her face to her muzzle. It also colors half of her tail. The other half is Woodsmoke , along with splotches over her back, eyes, ears, and the tops of her shoulders. Her eyes are a soft Jambalaya. Her right ear is folded over somewhat at the top, and her muzzle is more rounded than a wolf's muzzle. In Optime, her mane lengthens out to just below her shoulders in curls of Black Squeeze with strands of Woodsmoke throughout.

[Image: ApXTOPv.png]

Lupus: 24 in (60.9 cm) tall, 55.2 in (140.2 cm) long, weighs 60 pounds (27.2 kg)
Secui: 36 in (91.4 cm) tall, 63.6 in (161.5 cm) long, weighs 126 pounds (57.2 kg)
Optime: 5'5" (65in, 165.1cm) tall, weighs 145 pounds (65.8 kg)
Strong willed and independent, Lila has mastered the art of selective hearing. Often when her mother tells her to do something -or not to do something- she will nod and grin but then go do it anyway.

She's bold and extremely outgoing to the point of hazard; she knows no strangers except where Vinátta is concerned. Trespassers will be inspected first, possibly barked at, then once they've been cleared by her, greeted like an old friend. She possesses neither the strength nor the temperament of a guard.

Lila is deathly afraid of water (aquaphobic), and trying to venture too near deep or running water, or being made to do so, launches her into a full scale panic attack. She doesn't understand why this happens, and it frustrates her to no end. Generally water no more than ankle deep does not affect her.

Lila is high energy, both physically and socially. She is very bright, and she can absolutely talk your ear off about anything that takes her fancy, any time of the day. She has an eye for patterns and order, which assists not only in her herding but in basic skills as well (counting multiples, learning the alphabet, etc).
Mother: Aderyn
Father: Unnamed
Adopted Mother: Chloé Moineau
Adopted Father: Taro Kurosoul
Lila was born the product of rape between a non-shifter dog woman named Aderyn and an unknown Luperci wolf. The experience deeply affected Aderyn, and had she realized she was pregnant before her sixth week, she might have voluntarily terminated the pregnancy via shifting, as she had been changed to a Luperci Verto by the pups' father.

Aderyn gave birth to tiny Lila somewhere between Camp Gagetown and Cape Hopewell along with four other pups, all dead or nearly so. Even Lila was very weak; her mother had not taken care of herself well, and this had affected the well-being of her children. She began to steal from the camp, just bits here and there, while living in a burned out husk of a building not far to the south.

When Lila was three months old, and weaned, Aderyn decided to leave her daughter at a pack's border: any pack would do. She crept into Gagetown to steal a burlap bag and a bit of food, and wrapped Lila in the bag, unable to provide the heat the girl needed from her own gaunt body. However, the inhabitants of the camp had noticed her suspicious behavior and decided that this was enough. They chased after her to retrieve their goods.

Aderyn was chased as far as the St. Andrew's River before the merchants caught up to her. Desperate to spare her daughter a hard life and knowing hers would not continue much longer, Aderyn threw the bag with her daughter in it in the river with a splash. The merchants dragged her off where she spent several weeks "repaying her debt" before dying in her room.

Lila, on the other hand, happened to have a guardian angel watching her; Chloé Moineau and Taro Kurosoul happened to be visiting the same river and by a stroke of luck, heard the sound of the bag hitting the water and fished it and the chilled pup from the water. She took her back to Vinátta and raised her as her own.
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