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50% Dingo X 50% Arctic Wolf
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7th February 2013
Luperci Ortus

His coat is between that of his dingo mother, and his wolf father.
So the length of his coat is longer than your average dingo, but shorter than an arctic wolf.
His chest, shoulder area, and legs are Antique White (#FAEBD7) while he sports Satin Sheen Gold (#CBA135)patches along his back, tail, and his paws.
His face is the same Antique White (#FAEBD7), though he has light Sand (#C2B280) on his ears and muzzle.


Lupus - He goes into this form if he has no clothes... He is quite small in height (for his mix in species), more like his mother; he's slender and carries a wiry build, standing (from paw to shoulder) around 25inches (61cm) weighting at a slim scale of 30kg.
His face is slim, carrying much of his mothers’ features; he has his fathers’ ears though, which is something at least.

Secui - This form he rarely ever uses, so from a slender, graceful looking canine, in this form, he's more haunting and creepy.
Now standing at 35inches (89cm) and weighs around 60kg.
His muscle size doesn't look dramatically different, he only looks taller, and his claws and teeth just out like talons and crazy fangs.
The fur on his shoulder stands up more, looking like spikes almost.

Optime - This form is usually the one you see him in the most.
Now standing on two legs and at a height of 70inches (5 ft 8, 176cm)
Like his Lupus form, he retains a slim and graceful figure, but he does carry a athletic build.
The fur on top of his head turns into looking like a set of short neat hair, the fringe curls up slightly into a cowlick, and the furs around his legs become slightly feathered.

~Other Characteristics~


Left Eye: Celestial Blue (#4997D0) with a USC Gold (#FFCC00) ring around the pupil.
Right Eye: USC Gold (#FFCC00)

Voice: His voice is a rather regal and light, though he carries a decently noticeable Australian accent, due to his mother.
Dingoes don't exactly howl, and yet the arctic wolf, being a wolf, does... Saturn howls, though it's not exactly wolf-like, it's odd, it's hard to describe but his howl isn't a normal wolf howl.

Current Items:
  • Loosely fitted shirt (pale, creamy white)
  • Pants, (Light Brown, usually rolls the legs up to his knees)
  • 3 Pelts- various origins, usually deer, rabbit, elk.
  • 1 Hunting Knife + 1 Dagger (probably wont end up using it... maybe)
  • 1 Bottle of Wine (will probably gift to someone or throw it away)
  • 1 Frithr Necklace (keeps it in his house)
Note: the pelt, knife, wine and necklace were apart of the welcome pack for joining Vinatta.
He's quite caring and mature for his age, but when around new faces he's actually extremely shy and reclusive around them.
But once you get to know him, he's an oddball, one who is easily distracted by small, irrelevant things that no one would really pay attention to, and he will talk about many things, well basically anything that crosses his mind.
He doesn't get along with liars or people, who just have an all-round, mean personality.

When it comes to fighting he of course would rather stay out of a fight than be in one, he's too physically fragile to get into that sort of thing.

  • Introverted/Submissive

    • Optimistic: sees the world in a positive light, or at least he tries to, he isn't so good in the negative areas, and is sensitive to them.

    The Good Traits: kind, caring, spacey, creative, open minded, loving.

    The Bad Traits: reclusive, anxious, stubborn, slightly pushy.

    The Ugly Traits: still yet to be found as he's never been pushed passed breaking point yet.

    Fears: Large crowds, spiders, falling, violence, not being able to find true love.

    Motivations: Nature, art, music, his parents.


    He has no bias towards any pack, species, gender, sexualities or religion, unless it's involves any dark magic or any other form of dark practice; otherwise he's very open minded about it all.


    Homosexual: Kinsey 6 (exclusively homosexual)
    • he will most likely hide his sexuality in respect of others view or discomfort of it.
    • Will rarely ever show any public displays of affection when there are other canines around.
    • Monogamist, doesn't understand, nor have high respect for those in polygamist relationships.
    • Is currently a virgin and hasn't participated in any sexual acts... he only plans to have sex with a man he's truly in love with.
    • Has never had a crush, and if encountered by someone who is flirtatious and forward with his advances, at first he will be oblivious to it, but his sharp mind will catch on and he will probably bat off any flirtatious advances.
    • Due to his shy, and reclusive personality and slightly feminine demeanour, he'd be more comfortable being the submissive one in a male x male relationship.

    • Reading: (Master) Only in English, Currently a Novice at other languages.
    • Writing: (Master) Only in English, wishes to learn to write in other languages.
    • Dancing: (Master) Doesn't do well in front of crowds but is great when alone.
    • Singing: (Master) Has a great singing voice, but chokes up if preforming in front of someone, or any sized crowd)
    • Good with kids: Adores puppies and can easily get along with them.
    • Art: (Master) includes any kind of drawing medium, and with some crafting mediums such as - clay and paint.

    ~Other Interests~

    • The colour orange (will stop at nothing to obtain anything with any sort of shade of orange)
    • Black Pearls and Opals.
    • Silver
    • Shiny things
    • Colourful things.

    • Plants
    • Animals
    • Bright colours
    • Culture
    • Children


    Has never tried alcohol or any kind of drug... and doesn't plan to, of course in his eyes it's each to there own but he doesn't want those sorts of things in his life.

    Alignment: Lawful Good
His parents come from both ends of the earth.
His mother being born in Australia, while his father was born in the secluded island of Ellesmere.
Both of them though met as they were in there mid adult life.
Before they even met, she was in a rather violent relationship with a man whom her parents set her up with when she was a young teen.
He was head over heels for her but he was controlling and over protective.

Baring year’s worth of physical and mental scars she tried to move places, travelling from state to state, from human ruins to human ruins.
But he still followed; ruining her new relationships she tried to create.

Finally after a night of enduring the worst of her ex lover's violence, she decided to flee the country entirely, make a fresh start, but her mindset meant she'd have to travel north, and find someone who had the means for her to escape this hell hole... and so without telling anyone, not even her parents, she set her journey in motion while she still had the chance, though this was no easy task, it would take a rather long and massive deal on order to travel to her chosen destination.
She had spent months upon months at sea and even longer traveling on foot across strange lands, getting sidetracked along the way, meeting new faces, new creatures she had never heard of.

Over her travels she had learned how to trust again (for the most part) though males she was still wary of.
She had come to relax seeing as she's never see her estranged and mental ex lover ever again.
But again, her journey was no easy task.
She had fallen I'll multiple times, broken a few bones here and there.
It wasn't pretty.

While she was possibly halfway to her destination.
Saturn's father had already arrived in Nova Scotia; he had visited before, for a short period of time... Again it was hard to find the transport but far easier than what his future mate had to go through in order to get the means to leave her country.
He had already settled in, living a simple, nomadic life.
He was a very passive individual, and kind to all walks of life.

As he was enjoying life, the dingo was struggling to push forward.
But she had gained a headstrong mindset, and she was determined to get there eventually.
And she did, once there; she had aged a lot, being just past her mid adulthood.
She had trouble settling into the colder climate, but she had quickly gained up a life of hunting and doing as she pleased.
She turned into quite a wild card.

The two met as she was hunting a young and springy doe, while he was resting under a ledge she was running across.
As she lunged for the doe, it leaped out of the way just in time, and she fell, nothing was there to break her fall and she landed right in front of him, breaking her leg in the process.
It would be easy to tell where this lead.
He took her under his wing, cared for her.
Though she was troublesome to try and help, she would complain and try to leave when injured.

But of course she warned up to him and down the track, Saturn came into the picture.
He was taught to have a simple life, one to see the bright side to everything, but to trust only those closest to you.

He got his creative side from his father, but he was much closer to his mother than anything.
She taught him everything about his Australian heritage, Personality wise and emotionally, the two were more similar, he loves bother his parents equally, just his mother and him would be seen chatting about everything more so than him and his father.

So for a few months Saturn had been living his life within the confides of a pack named Vinatta, trying to figure out what he'll do within the pack., though through this thinking and waiting a new face came into the picture, Kyros, a tall, mostly dark and to Saturn, insanely handsome individual, though they only socialised briefly, there feelings were near instant for one another, and it wasn't long before Kyros asked Saturn for his hand in mate ship, and so here they are.
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