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Rose is an optimistic Hippy, to say the least. She embodies hippy ideals and considers herself an Ambassador of Love, which she has decided to spread everywhere she can. She sees good in everyone and refuses to believe that there really is such a thing as evil. Naturally trusting of everyone, she will, without a doubt, believe everyone no matter how obvious their negative intentions are.
While experienced with drugs and sex, Rose does not understand the negative side effects of both, and does not really see issues with either. Pregnancy is not something that crosses her mind, nor is rape or murder. She also does not love a single person at a time, most often. If she loves, she loves all. Open to all genders and orientations, Rose would happily love one man while loving another man or woman. If asked to commit to one, she will do it if she loves them enough, but will also be much more kind to the people she is informally attached to. Her desire to make people happy will not allow her to cheat on people
She is a people-pleaser, and wants everyone to be happy. Pain and suffering depress her and she tries to physically escape it. That makes her unable to handle blood and war, and she will easily cry and flee from angry words, people, or fighting.
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