Nephilim de le Poer

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Coyote dominant hybrid
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11th October 2013
Nephilim is a dark, gaunt coyote with a mauled look, dirty and covered in scars and bandages from eating his own flesh. He has tangled hair and spends his time in Optime form walking on his fingers and toes.

  • Night Rider (#160F0A) colors the toes of his forelegs, and the rear legs up to about ankle-high.
  • Oil (#241A13) colors his forelegs, the part on the frontmost portion of the leg extending a few inches above the rearmost. This same color decorates his rear legs to roughly halfway point.
  • English Walnut (#392B21) is his primary body color.
  • Kabul (#634F40) colors the insides of his ears, his lower jaw, around his eyes, his chest, and the ventral half oh his tail. This same color is ticked across his belly and forelegs.
  • Gondola (#251614) colors his muzzle stripe. This rich red colors the lowermost quarter of the upper half of his muzzle, close to his nose, and thins out to a fine point between his eyes. This same color decorates the nape of his neck and shoulders, including some ticking around its outermost edges. This results in a fine fading of colors rather than a stark delineation of one color then the next.
  • Atlantis (#99C943)</b> colors his eyes.
It is obvious that Nephilim isn't all there when first meeting him. It isn't hard at all to tell that there is something off about him. He can usually be found chewing on himself, preferring the taste of his own flesh to anything else. It is also easy to notice that Nephilim's eldest brother is in control of him and he does whatever Messiah commands of him.
Mother; Symera Villisca
Father: Priest de le Poer

Siblings:Messiah de le Poer, Stigmata de le Poer, Prophet de le Poer, Deacon de le Poer, Bishop de le PoerProphet de le Poer
Nephilim's parents weren't the most attentive parents in the world. In fact it was left to Nephilim's eldest brother to pretty much raise him. It is because he never had enough to eat that he had taken to chewing on himself. His brother had passed on their parents's values and made certain that Nephilim stuck to them. Messiah became an idol to be worshiped in Nephilim's eyes and so he does everything that his eldest brother told him to do.
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