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85% Old English Sheepdog, 15% unknown dogs
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8th September 2011
Since she is mostly Old English Sheepdog, Lucille is white and grey with long, fluffy fur. She often has to cut mats out of her fur, so it tends to be a bit choppy. It hangs in her face in all forms to the point where it looks like she may not be able to see very well. Her left ear and the left side of her face are grey while the right side is white. The grey follows over her shoulders, all the way down her back, and her back legs. Her left front leg is also all grey except for her paw while her left front leg is white starting about halfway down. As is fairly common with Old English Sheepdogs, Lucille has heterochromia. Her right eye is light blue while her left is brown. The line of sheepdogs Lucille comes from does not have a natural bobtail, and so she has a grey feathered tail which turns white about two thirds of the way down.

Lucille's body is quite round, like that of a normal Old English Sheepdog and she walks with a rolling gait in Lupus, where she is 23 inches (58 cm) tall, and weighs about 70lbs (32kg).

Seuci is not a form Lucille finds herself in often, although she gains height and bulk, standing at 36 inches (91 cm) and weighing 130lbs (59kg).

Most often, Lucille can be found in her Optime form. Her fur is still shaggy, and her mane grows longer. She keeps the fur parted on the side, flipping some white over onto the grey. Her figure is pear shaped: broad hips and a smaller bust. She is 5 feet, 5 inches (165 cm) tall and weighs 150lbs (68kg).
Outwardly, Lucille is a loyal, headstrong, independent, driven canine. She is family-oriented, and thoroughly enjoys large gatherings. She also likes to be organized and have everything in its place. Lucille tries not to care about what people say or think of her, and lets most insults simply roll off her shoulders, but once she gets angry, she doesn't always know when to back down from a fight or argument.

On the inside, Lucille is not quite as independent as she would have others think. She relies on her adoptive family for a feeling of security and wants to make sure that they feel safe as well. From her mate, she enjoys small reminders of his love for her, but she is low-maintenance and doesn't require large displays of affection. She genuinely cares about those around her and likes to have fun.

Lucille is a bit crude sometimes, having spent a fair amount of time on a ship. While they were not pirates, she still had to make sure to stand up for herself to the males instead of letting them push her around. They taught her to use a staff, although it was not uncommon for her to hit them with a wooden spoon, either.

Her talents lie mainly in trading and being an emissary. She can cook, although her food generally tastes pretty bad. It simply won't make anyone sick. She is also capable of driving a horse pulled wagon and has been learning to fish.
Gus Cormier - mate (played by X-tian)
Finlay Cormier - brother-in-law (played by Rat)
Eliza Cormier - sister-in-law (played by Rat)
Tybalt Cormier - brother-in-law (adoptable)
Otto Morelli - cousin (adoptable)
Norah Morelli - daughter
Nellie Cormier - daughter
Remy Cormier - son
Oscar Morelli - son
Lucille was the only surviving puppy of a litter born to a very young first time mom. Their family was close anyway, and she was raised amongst some cousins as well. When she and her cousin were almost a year old, they decided it was time to head out and travel. They managed to get work on a ship, Lucille as the cook and her cousin as a sailor.

In 2012, the ship they were sailing on got caught up in the hurricane and shipwrecked off the coast of Nova Scotia. Lucille has no idea if her cousin or any of the other crew members survived as she has never found them.

Lucille nearly drowned, and washed up on a rocky shore. She was cold, wet, and cranky when a male dog came up, intending to loot the bag that she managed to hold onto. Unfortunately for him, the bag was empty and Lucille was still alive. She learned that his name was Gus Cormier, and Lucille resisted his attempts to help her, although she eventually gave in because she had no other choice. His healing skills were minimal, but he traded with a healer, goods for skills, and Lucille slowly recovered.

As she healed, the pair traveled. Gus never told her to leave, so she simply stuck around. He helped her trade for a horse and she realized they actually were going in a specific direction: to his home. The pair argued along the way over many things while a bond began forming between them at the same time.

When they reached his home, Lucille met his family at the same time they learned some bad news: his parents died in the hurricane. The grief they shared of losing someone important to the hurricane bound them closer together. As they healed together this time, the pair became mates.

Gus and Lucille continued traveling and during one of their trips home, the rivers flooded, forcing the little group to move. Lucille suggested a new place to settle, one they had passed during their travels, and so the group agreed on it and started the move. They eventually settled on new lands in 'Souls to form the pack, Krokar.
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