Esmeralda Collins

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Wolf-dominant Hybrid
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21st August 2012
Luperci Ortus
Bright teal eyes are often shadowed by stray hairs that fall around her face. Her hair is always cut to shoulder length or just above it. Often, it will be pulled back in a short ponytail. This is supposed to help her with keeping her bangs out of her gaze, but some always seem to escape anyway. It is naturally wavy but not quite curly. If she lets it dry naturally – and doesn’t just immediately put it up in a ponytail while wet – it curls a bit around her face. The texture of her fur in all forms is rather soft and smooth, with a slightly unruly scruffiness along her shoulders in the Secui and Lupus forms.

Her fur coloration is purely from her mother's side of the family, as far as she knows. The base color of her fur is a beautiful cream. Her one vanity is this part of her fur, which she watches regularly for dirt. If any of her fur appears dirty, she is sure to clean it and takes baths regularly. Esme’s ears, mane, and the fur on the back of her neck are all a scarlet red. The red also coats the upper parts of her cheeks and then slowly fades back to cream. This isn’t visible if her hair is down, because it is overshadowed by her bangs. Dark gray fur begins at the tips of her toes and extends up her legs like long socks, ending abruptly at her knees. This same gray is also along the top of her tail, extending from rump to tip.

Greatly prefers Optime form when in neutral territories. Uses this form and Lupus form in equal amounts when she is at home. Does not generally use her Secui form unless she does it for a specific purpose. It can be assumed that she is in Optime form in threads unless otherwise noted.
Esmeralda has always been an adventurous tomboy with an indomitable spirit, ready to take on every challenge that comes her way. As she has aged, this has developed into a honed sense of herself. She is a confident, self-assured wolf with a desire to always test her limits. She is a daredevil and will take on any challenge that she doesn't believe will kill her. Esme is almost constantly looking for that next adrenaline high. Some of her favorite things are cliff diving (into water) and rock climbing. She is highly imaginative and creates stories almost constantly. Her pocket size journal and pen are always with her so that she can write down any new ideas that come to her when she isn’t at home. Often, she will “practice” a new character by pretending to be them when meeting a stranger. In this way, she can learn more about how that character should interact with others inside of her world. This kind of manipulation has begun to mature as she has aged, leading to a tendency toward Con Artistry and creating pretend characters almost as a matter of habit. Also has a growing interest in spying and overall manipulation tactics.

Very dominant and not afraid to show it when the opportunity arises. Has a high level of admiration for her mother, who she seeks to emulate. Will always take the lead if given the option in a situation. Doesn’t feel the automatic need to respect another based upon their position within a pack other than her own. Is respectful of the hierarchy within Cercatori d’Arte out of respect for her mother. As she ages, is likely to begin challenging others if they do not respect her own place within the pack and where she wants to be within the hierarchy. Introverted when given the option, but forces herself to be social because she knows it is necessary for the purposes of the pack. Is only truly comfortable and fully herself around her family. In particular, Skye and Ares. Enjoys her solitude and will make a point to stay alone if she wants to be alone, even if that means bluntly informing someone else that she desires to be on her own.

A secret romantic, she hopes that someday someone will sweep her off her feet and love her for her quirks. Because her parents were never mates, she has a silent fear that she will never be able to settle into a healthy romantic relationship because she isn’t even really sure how they work. Has a fear of being abandoned that will likely hold her back from fully committing to romance, but hasn’t yet had an encounter that would reveal how she’ll react to being wooed.
Detailed information in her Wiki.

Esmeralda was born into Cercatori d'Arte, the result of a tryst between her mother and the leader of Casa di Cavalieri. She has one full-blooded sibling, Ares, and a multitude of half-siblings from both sides. She was raised and has always lived within her mother's pack. In time, she has grown into a high rank within her pack and proven herself a formidable warrior.
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