25%White Wolf, 25%Kritikos Ichnilatis, 25%Border collie, 12.5%Siberian Husky, 12.5%American Eskimo
Date of Birth:
1st November 2013
Height: 18 in at shoulders.
Weight: 40 lbs
Secui (Usually never)
Height: 30 in at shoulders.
Weight: 90 lbs
Optime (Preferred)
Height: 5'0"
Weight: 150 lbs
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Thank you Nat for the pretty lovely Nyx ;; <3
Nyx is respectful and kind to all that she meets, however the young she-wolf is secretly distrusting of strangers, as a result of an attack on her family when she had just turned six months of age, which left her with multiple scars, a lame leg, and chronic anxiety and some depression problems. Despite this Nyx is usually pretty friendly, but if taken by surprise may respond violently. Due to Nyx's psychological illnesses, she had developed a stutter and prefers not to speak to strangers, as she is embarrassed by her choppy speech. Having been forced to fend for herself since the age of six months at the death of her parents, Nyx often went hungry because of her inability to hunt sizable prey, and as a result is quite thin. Nyx may seem to have a melancholy demeanor, however she loves to have fun and play just as well. She is a bright individual, and quite submissive, with a knack for drawing, but not being able to speak properly like the other luperci, she often doesn't communicate to the extent that she'd like as of yet, and is very eager and hopeful to be able to do so.
Pups: Inca, May, Uriah, Besekel, Song
Nyx was born in Alaska in a litter of five, however at only a few days old, a forest fire decimated her home, and her parents were forced to move, quickly. They managed to establish a new territory for themselves over the border into Canada, however, at a young age, Nyx's peaceful life was overturned, as a particularly hostile pack of luperci invaded her home. One attacked her, and after having sustained many injuries, she managed to escape as her mother attacked the invading luperci. Nyx hid, and watched as her family was destroyed before her eyes, her parents falling, never to get up again, and her poor siblings torn to pieces in front of her. After a long while. Nyx managed to drag herself away to a stream and drink, regaining some strength and trying to groom the blood from her fur. That night Nyx returned to the scene to mourn over the loss of her beloved family, and as she lay down for the night, a rustling amid the leaves showed she was not alone, forcing her to run away. Nyx managed to barely fend for herself from that point, generally avoiding others, but she was able to hunt small prey as her parents had taught her well and she was something of a natural. The she-wolf developed anxiety and depression over the next couple weeks, and the deep scratches in her right front foreleg as a result of the attack were never fully able to heal, leaving the leg painful for her to use, though she could at least put a bit of weight on it. Nyx had been on the run for the short amount of time since then, but now lives in Anathema, where she has made new friends and family which are very dear to her heart, and she would do anything in her power to protect them.
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