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50% Gray Wolf, 25% Great Plain Coyote, 25% Golden Jackal
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23rd October 2013
Luperci Ortus
This canine's teal eyes are strikingly different from the rest of her body, which is full of short, rusty tan fur, mixed in with light beige. She stands to be 28", completely normal for her wolf heritage, but rather large for her jackal and coyote side.

Her Secui stands at a rather average 35" from shoulder to ground, and her colors and markings stay the same. The main differences one would note, are that her claws are notably pointier and longer, her fur is thicker and scruffier, with a rough texture, and her legs have a darker hue to them, as well as her back.

The jackal's optime form stands at a rather average 6'3", although it is rather large for her jackal heritage. Her frame is muscular, tough and wiry. Safire boasts extremely long, light auburn hair, all the way past her waist. Said hair is often unruly, tangled in a mass of knots as she could care less about her appearance.

She has shown intense signs of taking after the patriarchal side of her family, developing into more of a jackal than a wolf. Her tail is bushier, lacking the length of a wolf's tail, and her larger ears protrude from her head. She also lacks the fluffier fur that the average wolf has, so her shorter fur makes her rather vulnerable to cold weather.
Standing out with a strange persona, mixed in with an outgoing and a self-aggrandizing image, shows that its pretty clear that Safire has a big personality. The cocky, overconfident air about her proves to get her into trouble often, and get her definitely noticed by other Luperci, though not always in a bad way. To add onto her brash facade, she is extremely stubborn, and will argue to the death to prove that she is right. Her big ego has helped her develop a positive view on life, her perspective heavily leaning towards optimism.

Safire loves meeting new people and socializing, although by no means is she an expert at it; she has proven herself to be socially awkward time and time again. Despite this, she still thinks she is one of the most charismatic jackals around, bragging and rattling on and on about different things, often turning small talk into monologues about life itself. Safire isn't always aware of what others are feeling, and as a result, can often say the wrong things at the wrong time. She isn't aware that she's pretty horrible at socializing and that she's an absolute weirdo.

Although she can be somewhat intelligent, Safire is rather gullible - she sees things at face value and falls for almost anything anyone tells her. She prefers to take life as it comes, not paying too much attention to more abstract theories and concepts it may provide. Despite this, she has leaned towards superstitious ideas, believing in spirits, and having a very strong belief in the ancient Egyptian gods, especially Ra. Her belief is shown through her necklace, which bears the Eye of Ra on its pendant.

Safire has an absolute hatred of water because of a few bad experiences she had with it before - she almost drowned once as a puppy, however her mother saved her. Her stubbornness about going near water derived from this fear, so as a result, she cannot swim. She doesn't have any intentions of learning how to anytime soon.
Safire's father Akiiki was born in a relatively small pack named Nephthys in New Brunswick, that were made of of mainly jackals and coyotes that still worshipped the Egyptian Gods. Akiiki's great grandparents migrated to New Brunswick from Northern Africa because there were too many packs fighting over territory. They got to New Brunswick by ship and started Nephthys, the pack that Akiiki was born in. Akiiki fell in love with a wolf named Sylvia, from a different pack named Night Valley, and they had Safire.

This sparked a war, as the two different packs were enemies because of conflicts with territory. Safire ran away from both packs, out of fear of the war, and because she felt guilty as she felt she had caused the war by being born. She ran to Nova Scotia because she heard rumors about different packs she could join.

Safire was very close to both of her parents, but more close to her father because of the necklace that he had given her. This necklace was heirloom on her father's side, being passed down generation to generation, and led Safire to believe that the Egyptian God Ra was the most important, because the pendant on it was the Eye of Ra.
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