Mariana Rojas

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20th July 2011
Luperci Ortus
Having grown up on a trader's ranch, Mariana has developed a strong, well built body. She's thin, with curves and lean muscle. And while she's not exactly tall or built for combat, she's a strong woman both physically and mentally. Her coat is of a medium thickness, almost entirely uniform in length.
Mariana is fiery, but she is not unfriendly. On the contrary she is a kind and loving person, passionate about life. But those who wrong her are met with fire, Mari has an extraordinary ability to hold grudges. She is energetic, very loyal to those close to her and, ultimately, a social butterfly.
Born in Santa Marta to an already huge family, Mariana grew up tolerant. She slept in a single room with her siblings and work with them ever day. Always a hard worker and always ready to undertake whatever work her parents gave her.
One day, traders from Barbados came to work out trade routes with her father and eldest brothers, Juanito and Cristian.

Patriarchs Anderson de Rey and Juan Rojas sent their children off to explore the ranch and it just so happened that Marina and Mariana were paired together. They went to look at the stables and paddocks, the furthest away from the homestead.

One night, there was a storm. Marina was alone outside and ran to the closest door, one that led into Mariana's bedroom. She took shelter for the night, the other girl taking care of her, as Mariana was also timid when it came to storms. They awoke the next morning to two of Marina's brothers opening the door and dragging Marina out of bed, afraid of there relationship.

Marina's family told her to keep away from any member of the Rojas family for the duration of their stay in Colombia. She abided by their request for a brief period of time, then decided that her ability to keep a secret and strange need to see Mariana combined would be stronger than her parents' request.

She and Mariana were forced to meet in secret, and eventually their friendship blossomed into a romance. They shared their first kiss in a moonlit clearing in the forest near the Rojas home, a beautiful memory quickly spoiled by Marina's oldest brother, Junior, coming into the clearing and taking Marina away.

Once her parents were told, the del Reys decided to cut their losses and not partner with the Rojas, the Rojas furious at their daughter, and sailed back to Barbados, unknowing that Mariana had stowed away and was being kept safe and sound by Marina. Once they made it back to port, the two of them created a plan and did it.

They stole a boat sailed north, with few belongings between the two of them (one being Mariana's horse Ranger) and just a few hopes and dreams. Once they reached Canada, the two of them converted the boat into a houseboat and have been travelling along the rivers of Nova Scotia, reaching 'Souls around June of 2014.
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