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18th June 2010
Luperci Ortus
Sebastian is medium in height and streamlined in appearance, lean and lithe but still quite muscular. He has a rather fox-like appearance and is quite a vain creature.

His body is near-perfectly divided in two halves: dark red and pure snowy-white. The white originates from his stomach and chest and spreads up and down from his throat to his waist. All of his paws are black-socked and gloved, going from his elbow to his hand and knee to his foot. His tail has a single splotch of black on the very tip.

Sebastian is quite a handsome man, with clean-cut, open features and a rather aristocratic manner. His eyes are a bright, sharp, molten orange, piercing and clever. His claws are a bit longer than average, shining black and are sharpened every once in a while.

In secui form, that's another matter. Still leaner than many wolves, he bulks up heavily and is comprised mainly of dense ropes of corded muscle. His fangs and claws lengthen viciously, his canines spilling over his lips and his claws like small knives. He also has a ruffled mohawk of sorts that springs up down the length of his spine. He has a much more savage appearance, as he has psychologically linked this form to a much more primitive, bestial side.

He prefers to go Optime the majority of the time. He's on the short side at 5'9", with a lean physique. Broad-chested and very strong for his size without being considered bulky, Sebastian's torso is rather thin. He is quite a powerful Luperci. He's quite a skilled acrobat and gymnast, fully capable of difficult aerial manoeuvres in the forest or city. Physically he's not especially strong for his race, but reasonably powerful for his 168 pounds of lithe muscle. He usually carries himself proudly and cheerfully, usually with a sly smile.

He wears a thin silver chain around his neck. A small gold loop adorns his right ear.

As of November 2012, Sebastian wears a silver armband inlaid with an oval of purple flourite on his right arm.
Weaknesses: Sebastian easily trusts a pretty face. He can't help it. Show him a pretty, friendly face and he'll be willing to believe the best of him or her. He's also quite arrogant, and something of a know-it-all. Sebastian is hypocritical, though he always denies it. Reckless and arrogant; doesn't plan much beyond a half-baked scheme and hopes for the best. Tends to underestimate his opponents unless he's heard of them or they have a fancy title. Hates enclosed spaces and insects.

General Personality Traits: Sebastian is far from simple. While not enigmatic, he's a complex guy. He suspects that he may have a mild personality disorder, as he seems to change from one day to the next. How he reacts to something you do is heavily influenced by how much he likes you. When he's around friends, he's usually laid back. If he's irritated or unsure or he just doesn't like you, he can be one cold son of a bitch. When he doesn't like you, you'll know it from the cold silences. A cold silence is his answer to most things he dislikes. An absolutely enormous flirt.

He can be very generous and kind, but these moods tend to fluctuate. Highly curious, but generally knows when to back down. Has little faith in the system. Hates politics, being outside in the rain and anyone obnoxious. His first impression of someone is always the one that sticks with him. Since how he takes someone's actions varies almost daily, it's pretty impossible to guess how he'll react to someone until he meets them.

Despite how easily he holds a grudge, he tends to forgive rather easily. Though he never, ever forgets. Sebastian's forgiveness is often just a sincere apology away, and this has him labelled as a pushover sometimes. Anyone taking advantage of this trait gets his cold indifference/ slight loathing for life. Or at least two years. He's not afraid to make the tough decisions. If someone needs to be killed because they're a liability; so be it. He fully understands that the right decision is rarely the popular one.

He's not good with kids. At all. If a baby is in the room, he'll get out of there. Anyone under the age of six months is viewed with caution and a slight degree of fear. What if he scares them? What if they start grabbing his legs? And oh gods he doesn't believe in, the noise. He'll usually try to distract them with a pretty picture and quickly make his escape.

Sebastian doesn't trust easily to start, unless the aforementioned pretty face is present. He wants someone to look up to, but people like that tend to let you down or get killed.

He's fairly social, but values his alone time. Loves his privacy and becomes extraordinarily pissed off at anyone invading it.

Quirks: Reads like a philosophical old man. Never smiles without teeth. Loves mint. Rarely makes the first move, whether he's having a conversation or getting a friend for the night. A self-confessed hypocrite.

Gifts/Talents: Incredible artistic skill. A very speedy fighter. Extraordinarily observant. Very good at arguing. Quite a good singer and a gifted dancer. Some skill at parkour. A skilled acrobat.

Flaws: Arrogant, impatient, far too closed off for his own good, likes a fight far too much, annoys people for the
sake of it, judgemental, sarcastic, somewhat lazy, usually apathetic towards people he doesn't know, cynical, manipulative when he wants to be. Sebastian can be cruel, sadistic, destructive, confrontational, reckless... There's a rather large bad side to him. Thankfully, these traits usually don't come all at once and depend on his mood.

Religion and Philosophy: He has little time for religion, holding only a mild faith in the ancient Greek gods that he mainly uses as a tool to blame someone else for his problems. Personally, his philosophy changes like his mood. More often than not, it's simply "Do the right thing." Not very specific and it's not going to win prizes, but it works.

Likes and Loves: An intelligent conversation, brunettes, food with strong flavour, meat, a good fight, a warm bed, a hot shower, sex, a sunny day, a warm night, an epiphany, being second in command, animals, interesting weapons, a lazy day, nostalgia, a thought-provoking conversation, sarcastic camaraderie, strong men and women, drawing, standing out from the crowd.

Dislikes and Hates: Being stuck in rain or a storm, the cold, being stared at, being trapped, obnoxious people, anyone who tries to shove their religion down his throat, whiners, flamboyance, mental illnesses, death, scars messing up his pretty face, vicious animals, cockiness, being labelled "ordinary," sexism, racism, not being able to punch anyone messing with him, politically correct jokes, holier-than-thou assholes, trying to sleep in a cold bed.

Fears: Going blind is a big one. Losing any sense is bad, but Sebastian values his sight. Torture is his biggest fear, especially with his sight at risk. Burning to death. Pitch darkness. Drowning. Any sort of slow death. Failing any important task. Being permanently crippled in any sort of way.

Equipment: Sebastian believes in preparation. Two silver stiletto daggers kept in his belt, a garrotte wire in his satchel, his artistic supplies (Paper, paint, brushes, pencils) and a craft knife- extremely sharp but impractically small and light for battle.

He generally fights with a bow and arrow, preferring ranged combat to melee. His bow is made from yew and his arrows are generally ash, fletched with dark feathers such as those of a raven. His quiver and bow and both slung across his back, held with leather straps that run across his back and chest from his shoulder to his hip.

Clothes-wise, he has five pairs of durable jeans and a single leather jacket which he rarely wears. He usually just goes shirtless. A black leather belt keeps his jeans up.
Born in Sabini, Sebastian is remarkably civilised. He was an entertainer first and foremost, with skill as an acrobat, dancer, singer and artist. Highly intelligent, courteous and a quick learner, Sebastian was quick to ascend society; especially with the help of his close-knit and powerful family.

The Auditore family was overjoyed to at last have a son when he was born. At least, his parents were. The other branches of it were somewhat less than thrilled at the competition for the family fortune and power, though there were no attempts to bump him off. He grew up in a villa overlooking the jewel of a city, his childhood lived with careless abandon. He went to school and showed incredible aptitude for art and creativity, as well as manipulation and charisma. . He was active, intelligent, friendly, fit... Problems in his life were few.

The subject of mathematics was one bane of his life, the other a fellow student, the other his sexuality. The first was dealt with via hard work, the second with cunning, and the third with secrecy until he turned one. Though he did require the promptings of his pushy but loving sister, Rosa.

He can't recall how, where or why the rivalry started, but Felice Da Corte was his eternal enemy until Felice turned two and they never saw nor heard of each other again. Suffice it to say that their younger years were punctuated by merciless pranks, psychological warfare, several street brawls that usually included at least eight men on each sides and constant one-upmanship. Now, Sebastian remembers those times with fondness, for despite their deep hatred of each other, there was a sense of camaraderie. After all, if they didn't have each other to fight, what would they do?

Sebastian found out. Politics proved to be of little interest and he could only tolerate so much luxury and leisure before he grew bored. Now that his days were no longer spent plotting intrigue against Felice, what was there to do? His life of irresponsibility seemed over as the cold cruelty of politics beckoned. Luckily, he found a solution.

What had previously been hobbies turned into true passions as Sebastian worked hard on what he loved. It became his dream, one he has achieved; an extraordinary artist, a visionary architect, (though he lacks the patience to see it through) a gifted dancer and a very good singer. Naturally, his mother and father loudly disapproved. Sebastian took little notice and openly defied them until they threw him out, promising that he could return when he had seen his folly.

This was their worst move. Forced to sell his drawings, sing, and dance for survival, Sebastian blossomed further and quickly became quite wealthy, eventually buying his own shop and acting as a merchant. He did quite well at this and has become rather wealthy, and a widely recognised artist in his lands. Unluckily, mere months ago, his shop was ransacked, his possessions stolen and a great many of his creations destroyed. A note at the scene read:

For your own good. Come back to us.

Sebastian's fury knew no bounds. He swiftly returned to the villa where his father admitted responsibility. He beat the old man unconscious, broke his arms and most importantly, contacted a formidable rival family of the Auditore, the Aquilina, a family with a great deal of power in the docks. In exchange for passage across the great sea to a new land, Sebastian gave them evidence of his father's intrigues against the other political people.

Thus far in Nova Scotia, Sebastian has joined Casa di Cavalieri and ascened through the ranks quickly. He has freed the slave Hadley from Amy Sunders. Intending on becoming an ambassador, he works to fulfill those duties and prove himself. He has many acquaintances and several friends with benefits.
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