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12th January 2010
Luperci Ortus
Form Specs
Weight - 146lb
Length - 41 inches
Height - 27 inches at shoulder

Weight - 200lb
Length - 50 Inches
Height - 40 inches at shoulder

Weight - 169lb
Height - 6 feet 11 inches

General Appearance
(see biography for pictures of items)
Rurik's fur is black along his back and shoulders and fades into a gray along his sides and then white along his belly and legs. The top of his muzzle is grey while his jaw is white and there is a small black triangle of fur that comes down between his eyes. When in Optime form, he combs his fur forward so it drapes over his eyes a bit, in a wavey kind of style. His eyes are a silver/white color.

He has a scar over his left eye that curves and runs down his neck to his shoulder, a testament of a time away from 'Souls. As a result of this injury the iris of his left has has turned red. He has another long scar that runs from his chest down to his nether regions, making it look like someone tried to dissect him. There are a few more on his back, not as bad as the other two. Multiple intersecting scars can be seen across his back from a time when he was captured and whipped. The larger two scars can be seen in any form as the fur around them remains thin, but his whip scars can only be seen in Optime form. His right ear is also a bit ragged, as if something tried to bite it off. The only jewelry he wears is his mother's necklace and a gem stone necklace he was given on his most recent excursion from Souls.
He prefers to move around in his Optime form, which allows him to keep his short sword with him at all times. He keeps his short sword on his left hip so he can draw with his right hand, and his bow on his back under his pack with arrows lashed to the bow. He also carries around a black staff that he uses as a walking stick, as well as a first line of defense. On his back he wears a pack that he found. Inside he keeps items that he finds, food (fruit mostly), and very few medicinal herbs that can be used to clean a cut, his cloths, and a few match books.

Rurik has very few outfits, and only 1 real style. He will either wear a pair of black pants that come down to his ankles, a gray shirt, with a dark grey hooded cloak that comes down below his ankles; or he will wear gray pants that come down to his ankles, a white shirt, and the same cloak. The shirt and pants are both loose fitting and allow for plenty of movement and the cloak can be easily removed if needed.
Rurik is generally a nice enough fellow, though he can be a bit abrupt at times and his lack of concern can be troubling. He figures if it has nothing to do with him, he doesn't need to get involved, unless he can gain something from it. His temperament is rather even. It takes quite a bit to set him off. At time it may seem as if he doesn't have a temper. When he does snap he remains calm and collected, and it isn't likely you'll know until you feel his blade slipping between your ribs. The vast majority of the time however he is quite laid back. He would much prefer to have to good time than fight.

He is slightly paranoid sometimes. He has memories that haunt him from events past, but he has mastered them for the most part. Sometimes though, they come back. When that happens his demeanor will shift and he will become reclusive for a day or so, sometimes more sometimes less, until he regains his composure.

At one point, friends were a rare thing for him, now however he is more outgoing than he used to be. He actually enjoys talking to others as long as the conversation is pleasant.

Being of Russian decent, naturally he was taught a few Russian words. Not enough to hold a conversation, but enough to confuse someone who didn't know the language if he strung them together right. Also, his Russian accent is surprisingly light, but still there. You'll likely only hear it if you know to listen for it, or when he speaks in Russian.
Before Rurik was born, his parents lived in Russia. Both of his parents were high ranking authorities in their pack, not leaders, but close. Around the time that Rurik's mother was pregnant with him and his siblings, several violent pack wars were breaking out in the area and since his mother and father were one of the higher-ups in their pack, they were targets. Before either of them could be killed, Rurik's parents decided to leave Russia and travel to the lands across the ocean. They took with them a trusted family friend named Anton Yakov, the man who would become Rurik's step father in the future.

Half way threw their journey across the ocean, Rurik's mother Sasha gave birth to 6 puppies. 5 of them died from an unknown sickness that would later take Sasha's life. Only Rurik survived. A combination of illness and depression came over Sasha soon after the puppies deaths. She lasted a week before she too perished. Now, with 5 of his sons and daughters and his wife dead, Rurik's father Nikolai was determined to make sure Rurik survived.

They arrived at 'Souls when Rurik was about a month old (they had lost track of exact time on the trip over). As soon as they landed, Nikolai named Anton Rurik's step-father, which Anton happily accepted, and left to return to Russia. He left behind a few things for Anton to give to Rurik when he came of age. A Katana, a black staff, a dagger, and a necklace that had belonged to his mother. Anton assured that he would pass them on and that he would keep Rurik safe.

For the next year Anton would teach Rurik how to survive and protect himself. They never joined a pack, preferring to keep to themselves as much as they could. When Rurik turned 1, or there abouts, Anton decided to return to Russia to check on Nikolai and the situation over there, leaving Rurik to fend for himself, leaving behind the katana, dagger, staff, necklace, satchel, and cloak, all of which became Rurik's most prized possessions.

After a few months or so of wandering around on his own, packless, Rurik ran across a small group that had plans to make a pack. They asked him if he wanted to assist them. He didn't have a pack, friends, or family, so it wasn't like he had any obligations to anyone else, so he agreed. About a month after he joined the pack, he just up and disappeared. He didn't tell anyone anything, he just left. And not just the pack, but the whole region. He went north for a while, catching wind that his father might be there. He stayed there for about 6 months before returning to 'Souls, regretting that he left He found life there much harder and violent than 'Souls, and that the whisper he had heard had been wrong.

When he returned to 'Souls and Casa De Cavalieri he had changed. Nightterrors gripped him while he slept, paranoia during his waking hours. He was blood thristy and hateful nearly all the time. He knew he was a danger to the pack in this state, which became abundantly clear when he attacked the pack leader Jasper and fellow member Sebastian one night during a particular vivid nightterror.

Soon after that he left without a word again, this time to find himself rather than his father. He visited many places and made several friends. He ended up trading his knife for a and custom made bow and his katana for a short sword.

He spent quite a bit of time with several sages and spiritual leaders who helped him overcome and master his memories and fears. One of them gifted a gem stone necklace to him, as a reminder of what she taught him and a way to reconnect with the lessons he learned.
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