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Luperci Mate to Sineria
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Discord Handle: LRaeWesty92#6066
Plains Coyote (37.5%), Great Plains Wolf (37.5%), Golden Retriever (25%)
Date of Birth:
10th July 2014
Sedona's short length, shimmering, thick pelt is mainly made up of various hues of copper, light brown, sand, burnt-orange, cream and off-white. Definitive markings include her lighter, off-white and cream dipped left forepaw, muzzle, cheeks, inner ears, chest and underside, and the darker burnt-orange saddle-esque/blanket pattern spanning over her shoulders, back and rump. Extending from this saddle, outwards (towards her head, tail and limbs), her fur becomes a much lighter copper color mixed with sandy and light brown undertones. As a thin, narrow stripe along her spine, she sports a dark brown that begins at the base of her skull and ends at the base of her tail. Her eyes are a vibrant green with flecks of gold and lighter green within the iris. Her hair is a dark brown with some coppery-brown highlights and typically worn down in messy, wavy locks along her shoulders and back or tied back off her face in a loose ponytail. Her preferred form is Optime. Her left ear is mostly flopped over but still retains the ability to perk and lift upwards and the very tip of her right ear is also flopped. She has four nasty scars across the right side of her face and neck from a fight with Shaamah in Autumn of 2019.

Sedona's usual attire consists of a red dyed cloth bandana with the symbol of her home ranch sewn on it, kept loosely tied about her neck (the bandana has since been shredded (Autumn 2019)) stone arrowhead pendant necklace, a hand woven, straw cowboy hat upon her head, a tail feather of a red-tail hawk and some clay beads woven into her hair and a pair of custom made small but crude stone spurs attachable to her ankles/heels with leather cord (only worn when traveling on horseback for long distances).

Other items of note on her person include a large bone knife in a leather sheath kept strapped on a belt on her waist and an ironwood bow with cowhide quiver and quail feather etched arrows. She also has a lasso rope, a simple, leather and hide saddle with various saddlebags upon it and two colorful rolled up indian blankets.

5’ 7”/165lbs –Optime
36”/130lbs –Secui
27”/112lbs –Lupus

*by Nat

True to her cowgirl nature, Sedona's entire personality is built on a foundation laid by her heritage. "Nothing worth achieving is gotten easily, you gotta earn it.", "Never give up, try and try again.", "Always keep one eye and one ear open.", "Family first, protect the herd." are just some of many phrases she lives by. Stubborn and unrelenting, almost to a fault, this woman has the knack for running herself ragged and yet still won't quit. She is loyal and devoted to those close to her and will give her all to any task she is assigned. Her forward, outgoing personality can make it difficult for her to make friends at first, but she has a good heart and is only trying to do what's best. Sometimes she may come off as insensitive without meaning to. She sometimes will steal the limelight from others without realizing it as she's not afraid to be loud and proud. She is unafraid to get dirty and do what needs to be done in order to get things done. She typically has a "Go big or go home" attitude and is by no means the type of girl to be ignored or forgotten. Sedona enjoys hard work and being of use to others. She's got a good head on her and is therefore pretty good at giving advice or lending a listening ear. She is a problem solver and natural born fighter, if something stands in her way, it won't get her down for very long, if at all., She will find a way around any obstacles she faces.

Although she can come off as a bit intimidating at first, Sedona is actually rather laid back, except when it comes to her responsibilities. She is actually very accepting and pretty open minded and often will indulge in fun. However, rarely will she ever let loose so far as to cloud her judgement and common sense. Sedona has a aptitude for seeing the details in everything and is rather aware of her surroundings at all times, often even noticing the little things about people they may not notice in themselves. She likes to bring people up, not put them down, and uses her extra observant nature to give encouragement and compliments. She will put her life on the line in an instant to protect those she loves and can sometimes seem bold and reckless due to her ability to bulldoze through her fears in tough situations.

Her biggest drawback is not knowing when to give something a rest. She will drive herself crazy trying to fix something or trying to find a solution, poking and prodding from every angle. If said solution is not immediately attainable or obvious, she will obsess until she can find it. It is very hard to pull her away from her work and the things she loves, and sometimes needs to be reminded to slow down and enjoy life. She's always taking things in, whether she wants to or not, but doesn't always let them go and make time for herself.

Once you get to know her, Sedona will be the most loyal friend you'll ever have and will stand by your side through anything. She'll be your strength and your guide, your leader, your comfort, whatever you need, and she'll never let you down. Failure, to her, is not an option.

Traits List: Hardy, extroverted, stubborn, carefree, determined, loyal, flirtatious, adventurous, protective, inquisitive, observant, quick-witted, uppity, fun-loving, hard-working, playful, motivated, ambitious, courageous, devoted, outgoing, open-minded, respectful, confident, tom-boy.

Grandfather: Cochise Whitesage
Grandmother: Kachina Whitesage
Mother: Kayenta Whitesage
Father: Eloy Whitesage
Brothers: Phoenix Whitesage, Tucson Whitesage
Sisters: Payson Whitesage, Safford Whitesage
Family Friend: June
Hopi (Mare)
Qualetaqa (Red-Tail Hawk)
Sedona was born to Kayenta and Eloy Whitesage in July of 2014 alongside two brothers (Phoenix and Tucson) and two sisters (Payson and Safford) in the desert, red-rock backcountry of the old Hopi indian reservation near what was once Sedona, Arizona, United States. Raised on her family's small cattle and horse ranch (herd size of about 10-15 heads and 5 horses at any given time), Sedona learned everything there is to know about living the life of a cowgirl. As she grew up, she helped to run the ranch and its livestock with her siblings and often assisted her father and grandfather with keeping tabs on the health of the population of wild mustangs in the area. At a year of age Sedona was given the chance to capture and tame her own mustang. She chose a beautiful two year old Paint mare whom she named Hopi. The mare continues to be her loyal, faithful mount and traveling companion to this day after being broken and trained. At two years of age, Sedona helped rehabilitate an injured, juvenile red-tailed hawk she named Qaletaqa. The bird, once recovered, chose to stick around and is now her flying companion. At two and a half, Sedona bid farewell to her family and the ranch life in order to travel the country. She headed northeast, meeting new people here and there and learning everything she could along the way. One valuable skill she picked up was the art of archery. She uses the bow primarily to hunt now days. She's still not by any means an expert, but is honing this skill every day.

For a time, Sedona stayed with a small pack of coyotes in the South Dakota area where she ended up breeding Hopi to the pack's prize Mustang stallion Navajo. 11 months later, Hopi gave birth to a healthy foal. The colt was named Yavapai. Once the foal was old enough and sturdy enough to travel with his mother, Sedona continued to ride northeast with Yavapai in tow, staying ever close to his mother. After a couple months more traveling, Sedona came upon the richly populated lands of Nova Scotia, and today she's acclimating to her new-found environment and seeking yet another place to settle in and call home, permanently.

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