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Dog ( 50% Bullmastiff and 50% American Akita)
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24th May 2011
Optime: Height-5' 7''(170.18 cm) Weight- 180 lbs. ( 81.6466 kg)

Secui: Height-37 in. (93.98 cm ) Weight- 169 lbs. (76.6571 kg )

Lupus: Height- 28 in. ( 71.12 cm) Weight- 81 lbs. (36.741 kg )


Black Russian(#0A001C)

The base coat of this fur ball is White. The mask around the gentleman's eyes and muzzle is Black Russian. The color is also the same one for his hair once in optime. This causes the light vibrant color of his eyes, Hacienda, to pop out from the dark surroundings. Around the side of the black mask and splotching a large portion of his back is the color Beaver. Around the center of his curled tail is the light splotching of Akaroa.


As per his need to keep clean and tidy the man's hair is almost the embodiment of such beliefs. His hair is rather thick due to his Akita blood and is brushed back into a tidy brushed back position.


(* means restitched)

Black suit jacket *

Gray vest *

Gray dress shirt*

Black tie hand made by family

Black dress pants*

Bowler hat


Rapier sword and dagger in sheathe

Cross bow with quiver for the bolts.


The Gentleman has a proper and very distinct English accent with resonance the reminds many of a cello giving him a rather musical quality and sophistication that demands attention.
Raised by merchants working a tailor and blacksmith shop he is quite a handy fellow with trade. As being a tailor's son he was raised to stay clean, organized, and efficient. Not much gets onto his pelt without being thoroughly cleaned off. He has a bit of a habit to keep things organized and balanced way that may seem strange to a few but it holds true in the department.

Being a merchant he has the necessary caution but the wits about him to know when the deal is going a bit off kilter. His father being a black smith and craftsman had trained his son to be calm and patient in life as to avoid working hard instead of smart.


Cross Bows-journeyman

Traps ( Complex and Simple) - novice

Rapier and Dagger- novice

Cloth working-Mastery

Forging- dabbler

Trading- Mastery


Many times when it comes to dirt as he won't become flustered he will just become annoyed with any dirt or muck on his body and clothing as the attempts to wash himself and the clothing can be time consuming. He enjoys hygiene and prefers to perform tasks with a flare of elegance, a trait gained from his mother.

When hunting many times he will rather use a bolt from his cross bow with the assistance of a trap to avoid any blood from staining his suit. It is odd how he treasures the fabric but it is he prized possession and would rarely part with it. He has an odd soft spot for horses and pups seeing the youthful vigor in their eyes that he had when he was just a boy.
Born and raised in London, England this boy was a jack of trades. Spending time with his family as they would continuously produce and ship out the various goods their well paying customers needed. With such highly valued goods and cleaned up homes it seemed they were a part of the alphas, the rulers. This was false since they were simply peasants living under their crown.

His family never sought to end the rule as it was simply a tidy and organized system. William and his family were praised by each of the aristocrats and commonly made appearances at each celebration. All knew the name Pendragon among their people and what made it odd was their humility. Very rarely would they step forth and proclaim superiority even though the rulers gave them the right to claim more space for their operations.

As William grew up his mother and father taught him both trades but to his father's surprise the boy was handy with a needle and thread commonly carrying around a suitcase for all the supplies he needed to make repairs on site. With the birth of his little sister Jessica the family business of forging continued with her as he continued his skills in the industry of sewing and producing fine fabrics.

Soon as the gentleman grew older and claimed the rapier, a gift from his grandfather, and the cross bow, a gift from his father, he went on to hunt for the family as many of the boats were borrowed and needed trade in order to use them. After a year of this the young man noticed soon his mother continued the business while his sister and her lover Melissa took over the forging section of the shop.

But something was off he noticed that London was too crowded and busy for his taste. In fact he felt cramped and uncomfortable in the tight quarters many grew accustomed too. With permission from his family William went on to his own path gathering many carcasses to trade for a ride on the St. Teresa a commonly used vessel that docked and allowed the inhabitants to ride to the new world across the ocean for a price.

William claimed his spot and felt uncomfortable and exhausted from the constant fear of the tight enclosures. All he had on the dirty ship to keep him calm and sane was a mere violin that his mother taught him to play. On the journey all could hear the works of Mozart, Beethoven, and Bach resonate throughout the boat.
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