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9th October 2011
Luperci Ortus
Like her brother, Catriona, also known as Cat, takes after her father in appearance. Her coat is made up of shades of grey with lighter markings on her face, underside, paws, and tail. She also had a darker shade of grey on the top of her head, ears, around her eyes, and down her spine ending at the base of her tail. The younger Donovan child does possess the same bright green eyes as her brother as well, standing out against her silver coat. Her wavy hair is kept long and is allowed to fall where it may down to the middle of her back. Cat did not get her brother's height though, leaving her standing at only five feet tall, two feet shorter than her older brother. She is nearly always seen wearing a brown corset, off-white shirt, and a dark reddish skirt as well as a tricorn like her brother's. The silver girl also has a dark blue and silver coat that she wears when sailing or for special occasion. Catriona has a fascination with jewels and shiny objects so she can often be seen with multiple earrings, necklaces, or bracelets but so far, none are worn on a regular basis and are switched out often.

Her personality nearly mimics her brother's, making it seem as though she takes more after him than her parents. Cat is short tempered, making her quick to anger when someone is insulting her or her brother. She is almost always on the move, always looking for something to do to keep herself busy. It's not often that she will take time to lay about and be lazy. The silver fae is extremely distrusting of others and can often be viewed as rude, cocky, or even cold when around someone for the first time. Her short temper is only matched by her aggression, making her a ruthless fighter who refuses to give in. She is rather stubborn as well, never wanting to admit she's wrong or wanting to give in to someone else's wishes. She has a great love for the sea and feels more at home either in the water or on a ship. Cat also holds a love of music, though she never learned to play any instrument like her brother, she does have a wonderful voice. She has not been all that interested in forming a relationship with a man, though she is a bit of a flirt and is not opposed to flings or one night stands, but she would like to eventually find a mate. She loves anything shiny and will collect jewels and pendants wherever she goes. The only thing she might possibly love more than shiny objects is alcohol, specifically Scotch.
Brother: Aindrea Donovan
Catriona was born into the Donovan family in 2011. Her family were well known traders, even more so for the Scotch they made. Her parents were often busy with their trade, leaving their eldest son, Aindrea, to look after and more or less raise Catriona and Pauly. Cat loved her brother dearly, possibly even more so than her actual parents. He taught her how to fight, giving her the skills to successfully wield duel Sabre swords, her favorite weapons, as well as teaching her hand to hand combat. Her smaller stature gave her greater speed than her brother possessed, though he was still stronger than her but the two were at least still a good match when sparring. Aindrea also taught her the tools of trade so she would be able to make a profit for herself with her own goods. He would often take her sailing, showing her how to command a ship herself as the two would take trips to trade and see more of the world. When he left their home for Nova Scotia, Cat was devastated. She loved her brother and missed him dearly. Without him at home, she became rather lonely since he was the one who spent the most time with her. So, she did the same as him and left home, taking one of their smaller ships so she could travel alone. She had taken some of her goods with her, Scotch that she could trade, or consume herself, as well as weapons, jewels and pendants, and clothing. The silver fae knew she could easily trade her wares but still did not bring an abundant supply. Cat made her way to Nova Scotia, intending to find her brother.
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