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Hybrid (55% Red wolf, 25% Northeastern coyote, 10% Eastern timber wolf, 10% dog)
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10th September 2012
Luperci Ortus
reference (colored by me)

Quote:Juliette's size chart:
Lupus'''''''''95 lbs'''''''''''''34 in
Secui''''''''''187 lbs''''''''''43 in
Optime''''''210 lbs''''''''''6'ft 5 in

Juliette’s feral form is rather on the lithe side with long limbs and compact muscles which make her better suited for speed and stamina rather than brute force. Her heritage is mostly visible through her narrower features and tapered muzzle while the small percentage of dog in her blood is responsible for her high waist and petite paws. Her ears are slightly larger and her tail longer than that of a full-blooded wolf which helps to accentuate the already gracious and dainty nature of her movements. Her fur is short and silken to the touch, slightly unfitted for the harsher winters but more than suitable for the warmer months of the year.

In this form rather than gaining a ridiculous amount of musculature Juliette becomes longer and taller, putting her at a clear speed advantage over larger individuals while making her weaker in close combat.
She rarely shifts to this form although it has become her favourite for hunting small game and traveling, given its enhanced agility and stamina over long distances.

Juliette’s bipedal form could be described in few words as pleasing to the eye. Her body is graceful and feminine with long limbs and gentle curves that grant her a sophisticated shape with little body fat and apparent musculature. She possesses the physique of a dancer and moves with the same grace, printing both emotions and intentions into her movements with everlasting confidence.
Her breasts are of a medium size, neither too small not-to-be noticed or too big to get in her way. Her mane grows of an exotic shade of red falling in wavy strands down to her shoulders. She usually carries her hair down in a somewhat messy and exotic fashion but will pull it up whenever she needs it out of the way.

Matching her already exotic looks, Juliette's eyes are double-coloured with a bright yellow ring laying on top of a vibrant crimson, making a fiery combination that could be mistaken for a solid orange from afar.

Extravagant: Despite being born in a relatively closed society of pompous-narrow minded individuals, Juliette was gifted with a hunger for knowledge, power and pleasure that the simplistic and mundane will never manage to satisfy.

Intelligent: While young of age her insatiable search for knowledge has granted Juliette a sharp and intuitive mind that has become her most reliable tool besides her appeal and silver tongue.

Vain: While not nearly reaching the extreme of narcissism she is very aware of her good looks and does everything in her power to keep her image at the best. She likes to adorn herself with jewelry and dainty clothing and will be often found grooming her pelt before going out anywhere.

Elegant: Juliette just knows the right way to talk and move to raise intrigue among her audience. She is well mannered and fluent in her speech, sometimes coming off as imperious or haughty.

Manipulative: When her looks aren’t enough to grant her what she wants, Juliette will resort to her silver tongue and charm to talk someone into giving her whatever she desires.

Prideful: If there is one weakness Juliette will ever admit is her consuming pride. While she is capable of enduring stressful encounters and insults to an extent, when her pride is truly hurt she transforms into a vicious and vengeful creature, ready to strike with the first given opportunity.

Flirtatious: -


Stella Arthos: (reference) Female Belgian Shepherd. Juliette's musical partner and friend. (mischievous, naughty, intelligent, grumpy, hard-working, imperious)

Kronos: (reference) Black stallion. Juliette's favourite mount. (stubborn, intelligent, sure-footed, fast)

Scarlett: (reference) Gypsy Vanner mare. Stella's traveling steed. (obedient, protective, mild-tempered)

Eeyore: (reference) Male donkey. Purchased by Stella to carry her and Juliette's stuff. (protective, mistrustful, aggressive toward strangers, obedient)
Born to a society of humanized Juliette grew to become a talented young woman of fluent tongue and a wide variety of skills. She cultivated her gifts under her Family’s judgmental eyes, striving for perfection in every aspect of her life the way her progenitors desired. Despite enjoying of various privileges and luxuries Juliette grew bored of her life in the Clan and one certain day when a gypsy caravan was crossing through their territory she decided to follow them, adopting the lifestyle of a traveller.

Her time spent with the gypsies was extremely fruitful and enriching. She learnt the true workings of the world, the dangers and the rewards. It was during this period of time that her hunger for life and its many pleasures came to be as one of the ruling aspects of her life. She delighted herself with every new discovery until the time came when she decided to part ways with the caravan.

Stella parted ways with her family to join her extravagant friend in her quest for adventure. They became wandering entertainers, luring travellers and entire Clans in to share their experiences and all-in-all, have a good time.
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