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17th February 2013
Luperci Ortus
Never has the lass been of any extremity, being on the average side considering most features. Standing at around five-foot six in optime form the Luperci is not very tall, nor very short. Her posture is moderate, not extremely high but certainly not slumping. She instead sits at a comfortable median of the two. As for the coyote's limbs they are long in proportion to the rest of her body, adept for leaps. As for structure Isis is quite lithe, lacking unnecessary fats or muscle. Even during a season of plenty it is hard to get any meat on her bones, or even a small amount of muscle. Under pressure her bones can be quite breakable, and are not fit to deal with very heavy forces. This creates an delicate, slim figure posture that tends to be most suited for agility. Of course without the muscle she is also quite weak when it comes to direct combat, and in turn prefers to use alternate methods of fighting. A childhood of caring for her family's bit of land has strengthened her arms just enough to pull a bow's string and to pull back on the reins of a naughty horse.

A light layer of lengthy pale grey hairs coat her frame, coming to many gold points. Underneath she has a light grey belly, almost white in coloration. Each hair is fine and wispy, with a tenancy to stick up. Regular grooming is a must to keep flyaway hairs in check, especially in the humidity. Down to right above the women's knees is a head of bleach-blonde waves. They spill from all over, very thin and fine like the furs layering her pelt. But unlike her coat these locks are only a bit fly-away at the bottoms, where they curl up in a wave and tend to end up in disarray by simply sitting still. The lightness of her blonde hair is the only thing close to an extremity, as from looked at from a slight distance it can appear white. And even up close it can be easily mistaken by Isis herself. The girl's facial features reflect that of her breed completely, starting with a short, narrow muzzle. Two almond-shaped, highly reflective, sky blue pools are placed upper-center. And below is a simple ashen snout, with a black-lipped maw.
Raised on a small, peaceful bit of land she had been brought up peacefully, until the day that ended it all. From the start the lass has never believed in violence to be the answer, and thinks of it as the gods Sun and Moon's one sin. Fighting was always a mistake to her, and she believes it was never meant to be created in the first place. It was a mere accident caused by quarreling of the gods and that if they had not been so selfish that battle would have been avoided everywhere. She hates to fights, and will always try to end the matter peacefully and quickly before any further damage can be done to the situation. Calm negotiation is her favored method of ending conflict, no matter how out of reach it may seem in a situation. Her skills at this have excelled greatly throughout her lifetime, helped along the way by her peace-loving father.

But a flaw has developed because of this, one that some day may be fatal to her. After the death of her parents intoxication has been her way of getting over things, and of avoiding hearing about conflict. At the announcement of battle she will try to escape reality using some sort of alcohol. This discovery has not yet escalated into anything threatening to her or others, as it is a new find. Sadly Isis see's no harm, and is quite oblivious to the fact that later on it may endanger her. Why? Meager amounts of weak intoxicants have always been used in her family, served with every meal. And so a bit of alcohol has never seemed dangerous to the women, even if sometimes she does not consume only a bit of it.

Never has she been one to give commands, to lead and give orders. Instead Isis finds it easier to follow them, and she will not challenge authority or support a challenge without good reason. In life she is also on the submissive side, going along with most suggestions unless they would cause any fights. Part of this is a lack of self-confidence, having it knocked down after cowardly running away when her family was slaughtered. Friendships she lets happen slowly instead of moving them along herself, and with lovers she'd rather not be the one in charge. In fact seeks a partner on the more dominant side, and will usually not feel comfortable in any other relationships. Gender does not matter to her when it comes to love, because love is love and nothing else. It is quite easy to befriend her if one is a leader and not a follower, otherwise things may be slower.

Overall she is on the gentler, more mellow side of things. However when peace is disrupted and there is nothing she can do Isis may panic and flee, further knocking her down. After many cowardly actions she has been rid of a large chunk of confidence, and wear's a dark, 'unholy' rock around her neck to display her sins and to ask the gods for forgiveness.
Mother and Father, NPCs, deceased.

Friends, none
Pray to your creators, the Sun and Moon, and they will love you always. Let them fuel your fire and guide you through life.
Growing up on a small bit of territory with her father, mother, and horses life had been peaceful. Born to two kind, but hard-working parents she was raised around a love of horses and belief in peace and the gods Sun and Moon who created the world and all it's creatures. At a young age she began learning how to train their small herd and how to care for it's many foals. Horsemanship came naturally to her in such an environment, and once that was completed she was given a new project to work on; archery. Though hesitant at first Isis's father assured her that it was only for hunting, and not violence. So at a year old she would begin learning how to use a bow and arrow, crafted by her mother. A second skill would develop, making her parents quite proud. The lass's life was simple at first, but it would not stay the same forever.

While out on her Friesian mare, Rosa, the women would spot two Luperci traveling very close to where they lived. When returning home she would be told that the herd's stallion, Granite, had been shot and killed by the pair. Now living in constant fear the family could only watch helplessly as their herd numbers fell by two bandits they could never catch. Sneaking out to scale the damage Isis would find the two by a fire, with the pelts of their horses hanging from branches. They were drunkards, probably traders, on their land yet she lacked the courage to do anything about it. Rushing back to safety she would find her parents dead near the heard, shot by the arrows of her own father's bow.

Fleeing from the land as a coward she now seeks redemption elsewhere, and is currently a loner traveling with the purpose of finding a place to call home.
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