Drahnor Wolfe VI

Dread (Ron)
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25% Arctic Wolf, 25% British Columbia Wolf, 50% German Shepherd
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11th August 2012
Luperci Ortus
Much like his father's side of the family, Drahnor had retained much of his wolven heritage. However, unlike many of the others in his family, he was born with odd coloring that led most of his family to believe that his coloring had come from Temo Wolfe's side of the family. While his base color is the color of parchment, he has a half mask of dark grey that leaves an inch or two of his face on each side to his base. Near its middle, right into his forehead, a jet black streak runs down the length of his body, widens to coat part of his back legs only to streak back and run down the length of his tail which is tipped in the middle with the same red that sheathes his face and ears. His front shoulders are also colored the same as his mane, in this case, a chimney red that is quite brilliant in color. It encircles most of the black of his body. Down the middle of his ears, a streak of black runs and connects to the tips that go from a jet black color at the very top, to a thin sheet of white, back to the original red hue of most of his coat.

A true pirate at heart, Drahnor is often seen wearing a full pirate's gear, with or without the shirts. Most often the outter vest is a dark black color that barely buttons at the center to expose the under workings, a light brown vest over a plain white blouse that has a split 'V' down the center that exposes much of his ivory toned chest. Most times he wears a single buckler belt that holds his satchel over his chest that usually includes most of his survival gear for when he leaves pack lands. On his belt that leads to a pair of light blue slacks, another two bucklers preside, one that holds two ancient gun like weapons that are inoperable and so rusted that they no longer work. Most times they are used as clubs.

Beneath that on the second buckler, a single Cutlass blade rests against his hip, a cotton cloth wrapped tenderly around the blade when it isn't being used. His feet have been custom fitted with leather boots that are actually quite comfortable to wear. Made by Leviothan, his cNPC.

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