Aisling Galaxy

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50% Mackenzie Valley Wolf, 50% Alaskan Tundra Wolf
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21st November 2011
Luperci Ortus
Her pelt is like the starry night sky. Her eyes are swirling, deep pools of blue and green. See wiki for details.

Optime: 6ft 3in (75in, 192cm )
Secui: 40" (101cm)
Lupus: 30" (76cm)

By Nat
Mysterious, calm, quiet, observant, spiritual, respectful, devoted, humble, soft-spoken, kind, open-minded, sensitive, helpful, empathic, inquisitive, intelligent, creative, polite, cautious, determined.

[Image: Rtaowsh.png]
By J
All of Aisling's blood family and pack mates are back in her homelands in Alaska. She does not have any family currently in 'Souls.

Grandfather: Arctos Galaxy [Deceased]
Grandmother: Selene Galaxy [Deceased]
Mother: Luxa Galaxy [Deceased]
Father: Kellaghn Galaxy [Deceased]
Sister: Astrid Galaxy
Brother: Taiga Galaxy

Reindeer Companion/Mount: Laikan [Image: YedfXs3.png]
Born in the frozen, northernmost reaches of Alaska under the mystical dancing lights of the Aurora Borealis, Aisling was raised in a small, close-knit, primitive, and tribal-like pack as the eldest granddaughter of the village chief. From birth, her path was chosen for her based on signs from her ancestors seen by the Chief (her grandfather) during one of his "dream visions". From a young age she was taught the ways of shamanism. In her pack shamans were held in the highest regard; they were healers, the wisest, most peaceful and caring members of the pack. It is believed they are also the most closely connected beings with the spirits and ancestors of the past.

Aisling never questioned the path her ancestor's had chosen for her and excelled in her studies as she grew, not only in body, but in mind and spirit as well. She learned the arts and secrets of medicine and the uses of various plants and animals. She honed her spiritual beliefs and learned to read signs from her ancestors and "communicate" with them. She learned how to feel with her intuition and see with her heart. Although content with her path, Aisling found she yearned to explore the world, expand her knowledge further and spread her teachings by helping others outside of her home tribe. At 2 years of age, she set off on her own with one of the pack's reindeer across the frozen lands and headed East. As she travelled she met a few lone folk who traded goods with her and helped her along her way. She found herself in Nova Scotia, intrigued by all the established packs there and a little intimidated, but sought to find one where she might fit in.

Since coming to the new lands, Aisling had mostly kept to herself, her naivety and lack of socialization previously making it difficult for her to "get out there" so to speak. Although she was slowly learning as she went, she still had a long journey ahead to unlock her full potential and find out where she belonged.

Unfortunately troubling visions of back home, urged her to return to her small village in Alaska, abandoning her journey in the new lands. She made her way back, only to find that a disease had struck her people. And a new leader was needed to bring a new era of hope and teachings to the next generation. Being the next in line for chiefdom, Aisling took up the mantle and for many years lead her small pack, but always feeling the pull of the foreign lands she'd so briefly gotten to explore.

Now with some age under her belt Aisling has passed the torch of leadership onwards to her brother, and once more set forth to seek the foreign lands she'd once visited with a new reindeer companion (Inuk sadly succumbed to a harsh winter). Going has been slow, but the Shaman woman is hopeful for the chance to learn from new opportunities that she'd once missed out on.
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