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Under the sea~! Under the sea~! Everything's better, down where it's wetter, take it from San!
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26th November 2012
Although a wolfdog hybrid, she looks mostly to the dog side of things. Her fur has a fine, silky texture and comes to a medium length, curling at the longer areas of her thighs and elbows. While shifted to Optime, her hair is long and white. Her long, floppy ears are notable for their doggish look, and she typically wears them tied back. Semini's build is of a shorter stock, toned by continuous work; her waist isn't pinched like an hourglass but straight, fortified by strong abdominals, and flanked by thicker hips and a thicker torso.

Semini is relatively humanized and prefers her Optime form for most tasks. She will sometimes embrace her four-legged form, but not often.
Semini was a compassionate, foolhardy, and emotional person. She believed strongly in the goodness of others, sometimes to her own detriment, and was often drawn to dangerous situations in search of this deeply held conviction. She was intuitively empathetic and desired to connect and to understand others, though at her worst she could be prejudiced, obstinate, and bitterly resentful. Like the sea breeze, her mood could change in an instant. At best, she bolstered community and companionship amongst her friends and family, and at her worst, selfishly pursued her own interests over the comfort and security of her loved ones.
  • Mother: Thalia Amaranthe
  • Father: Edgar Lanseer
  • Siblings: Akantha
  • Mate: Lokr Revlis
  • Former: Nikita Volkov

    with Nikita Volkov (2016): Tiamat, Lotan
    with Lokr Revlis (2017): Calrian, Malik
    with Lokr Revlis (2019): Siolene, Serafina, Morholt
Semini and her sister Akantha were born to Thalia Amaranthe and Captain Edgar Lanseer on a cold November night out at sea. She was raised on the Amaranthe estate and trained in all court affairs and etiquette until she displayed a greater interest and skill in seamanship. She entered an apprenticeship with her father soon after, forgoing her claim as Thalia's firstborn to be the heiress of the Amaranthe family. She then sailed with the Saltwater Storm on trading voyages throughout the Mediterranean, and began to learn navigation via sextant by her father's first mate, Cibran. Driven to prove herself, she excelled in her training and became a respected part of the crew despite her gender and youth (two traits which saw prejudice in the sailing world).

The Saltwater Storm made its second run to Freetown in the summer of 2014, where disagreements with the crew and her father led Semini to separate from them by stealing her father's dinghy. She wrecked this boat in a storm off the coast of Nova Scotia, and in August she became a member of the pack Krokar. Due to her determination to prove her worth, she quickly rose to the rank of Magnate of Production. Following her journey to Cour des Miracles, where she spent the summer refurbishing a ship for them, she was promoted to Navigator.

On January 1st, 2016, Semini gave birth to Tiamat and Lotan, fathered by Sapien Nikita Volkov. Semini's relationship to her daughter became strained following her breakup with Nikita, and ultimately it deteriorated completely upon Tiamat's discovery of Semini's affair with the Lord Commander of Salsola, Lokr Revlis. At the end of 2016, Tiamat fled Krokar with the witch Laevisa Arena in search of her absent father, and Lotan soon followed his sister.

Not long after, Semini gave birth to her second litter. On January 25th, 2017, Semini bore two sons, Calrian and Malik, sired by Lokr Revlis. They raised them together in a small cabin hidden in Mount Oromocto, and when the sons were old enough they were brought to Krokar. For a time that was all too brief, they were a happy family.

The end of the year brought about new opportunities. Semini was summoned to Portland and given her father's boat by her mother, and informed of the whereabouts of her missing children. This, in addition to the Inferni-Salsola War, pushed Semini to make the difficult decision to leave and assist her sister in Onuba. She asked Lokr to abandon his pack and join her at sea. Their sons Calrian and Malik made the decision to stay in their homeland and bid their parents safe travels.

She now resides in Onuba with her loved ones.
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