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1st February 2014
Luperci Ortus
Nettle owns a dark hued mustang that she stole from her captors when she escaped slavery, though she does not know how to ride well. She has named him Senri. He is hard to handle sometimes, but otherwise is a fairly reliable horse. He will most likely be trained to be rideable in war.

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Nettle is still rather young, so as her life progresses her personality will develop more. She is rather sunny and good natured, and tends to have more ‘ hippy ‘ like tendencies. From her travels at young age she was introduced to drugs, and frequently uses magic mushrooms and smokes marijuana. She is dependable, courageous, adventurous, exuberant and imaginative. Nettle likes to paint and frequently paints on herself and other things with a multitude of different colors, although she prefers colors that match the wine berry hues of her eyes. She is incredibly open within her species, the young girl doesn’t have any bias against sexuality, between non-luperci and luperci, and loves to experience the many walks of life as they are presented. The coyote is always looking to learn new things and values intelligence.

Nettle isn’t really aware of any of her actions having consequences, she will put herself in harms way without a second thought and has no qualms with the possibility of being injured or danger. She is extremely linked to nature, and frequently winds flowers and other plants ( frequently winterberry, when she can find it ) through her wild hair. The youth typically does not stay in housing, but prefers to stay in the woods or somewhere wild and close to nature. She believes there are fairies in the forest and spends her afternoons chasing them or talking to them, and frequently hallucinates her meetings with spirits and experiences a specific delusion in which a dark spirit constantly follows her. She has to do several specific things before going to sleep to make it go away, including stringing up lavender in the branches around her and drawing a circle around her sleeping place.

Nettle has a few other quirks, such as she sees specific Luperci as colors. The colors she sees them as usually has to do with their perceived personality, and can change depending on the other Luperci’s mood. She also speaks in a sing song voice often, much to the annoyance of others. Sometimes she likes to speak in rhymes, and when she feels like being difficult she will give out riddles and refuse to continue the conversation until whomever gives her the correct answer.

She has a lot of extreme anger that is quick to rise when the topic of Wolves arise. Her personality oddities and quirks can all be traced back to her former slavery, abuse, and sexual abuse. She will most likely not have sexual relationships until an older age seeing as the mental scars she carries. For the first few months as she recovers from said abuse, she will likely be withdrawn and sulky and will probably stay away from most other Luperci.
Parents: Deceased. Siblings: Deceased. Knows no other family.
Nettle was born just outside of ‘Souls, too a pair of Coyotes that were loners. Her parents were fairly nice and fair, and liked being loners. They kept to themselves and lived a simple existence, and it was a great joy when Nettle was born. She was the only pup born alive, and both parents loved her very much. However, there was a wolf pack nearby. A pair of wolves that had recently been exiled from said pack had taken an interest in the coyote trios existence. They had been exiled because they had been trying to recruit other members to their wolf supremacy cult, and the leadership was against it.

One day, in the middle of the night, the two came and kidnapped Nettle’s parents the day before a full moon in preparation for some arcane ritual they came up with to purify them before going on a coyote killing rampage. Nettle was asleep and awoke much later, crying and howling for her parents who had just disappeared without a trace. She spent the day hiding in their den, hoping her parents would come back - which they never did. Nettle’s parents were both slaughtered and their hearts and livers used in the ritual, consumed by the wolves to give them power. They used their blood to paint symbols and chanted until the sun rose, and then went back to get the small child which they had left behind.

Nettle was terrified when they came back and took her back to their place of exile. She was too small to really realize what was happening, so she stayed very quiet for the first week. For months she grew, and became a slave to the wolf pair who would regularly chain her down so that she couldn’t run away while they went on coyote hunts unbeknownst to Nettle. They filled her head with lies, telling her that her parents had sold her to them as a house slave and abandoned her. Eventually Nettle believed it. She was locked in a thick silver collar with a heavy chain and given several tasks to do while the wolves left, and she spent most of her childhood doing so. Nettle was beaten frequently and bears several scars under her thick fur, and one especially wicked one coiling around her right upper arm.

One day, a few weeks before she turned 8 months old - the wolf couple had drunk a lot after a particularly successful coyote hunt and arrived home to beat her for their amusement. The male wolf was particularly drunk and decided now was the time he would ‘ break ‘ Nettle in to a new type of slavery, as his sex slave. Nettled protested fiercely and fought back against his advances, terrified. He had unlocked her collar halfway in a drunken stupor, believing that she would submit easily - but Nettle struggled and snapped and bit his face and arms several times. Some of his wounds were deep and in the struggle that ensued Nettle managed to break free, shifting for the first time out of pure terror and desperate need to survive.

Without really thinking, she ran out of the camp and clambered on to the wolf pairs only horse, a dark grey buckskin mustang. She kicked him hard in the sides like she watched her slavers do and took off - the mustang scared and surprised at his new rider and going at a dead gallop. Eventually the pair managed to evade her captors, and spent a few weeks making their way up to ‘Souls, looking for the famous all coyote clan, Inferni. A deep seated hatred for wolves grew inside Nettles small chest, and by the time she arrived in ‘Souls, she was angry and looking for the clan she felt she belonged too.
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