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S-S. Jackal, Canis adustus adustus
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23rd August 2013
Luperci Ortus
*In Optime form unless otherwise stated*
- shoulder height: 20 in
- weight: 40 lbs
- shoulder height: 30 in
- weight: 96 lbs
- full height: 58 inches
- weight: 120 lbs
Light rust-colored eyes with a black-tipped, tapered muzzle and ears on a rounded face. The fur is longest at his back and made up of a flecked mixture of dark brown and cream, with a thick cream strip underlined by a thin black streak on both sides- typical of his species. His long, bristly tail is black, with a cream tip. The rest of his coat is light golden brown, with the dorsal regions being more of a dingy gray color, and the ventral regions fading to a light cream.
More stringy than muscular. Long, slender neck and thin, wired legs. His claws are like little black razors, making a point to keep them sharpened since he has no handmade weapons of his own. He is built for endurance, agility, and flexibility more than brute strength.
At the moment he is rather bony, but as his inherited scavenging skills sharpen he puts on a little more muscle.
In Optime form his bristly mane and back fur are noticeably longer, but he does not sport the long hair atop the head like some fellow Luperci.
Self-confident and self-reliant despite his young age with a strong unyielding will and the courage of his convictions.
Secretly fears loneliness, but also wants to be left alone.
Despises routine, fears being caught in a rut or left behind, hence prone to jump the gun to avoid being left in the dust.
Slight egotism aka a self-centered approach to life. Natural need to dominate and be the boss, with an aggressive streak as bold as the black strips of fur across his sides.
Values freedom, excitement, adventure, and unexpected happenings. Loves the idea of travel, and freedom to roam.
Not one to ponder the future or worry about getting ahead, which often leads to an air of superficiality.
Quick to adapt, possibly TOO versatile. Almost chameleon-like in behavior. Natural resourceful and enthusiastic, progressive and active imagination. Attracted to the unusual and fast-paced courses in life.
Overly restless and impatient at times tending to jump from activity to activity, without ever finishing anything.
He does not wish to be tied down to a relationship, so it may be hard to commit to a single other. He doesn't get attached in a hurry which is probably an emotional-survival mechanism he developed after being torn from two different families at an early age. Though he is slow to attach to others, he generally gives off a gregarious, charming, and generous attitude- unless it doesn't serve him well.
Two of his worst fears are entrapment and abandonment.
Name info: Sababu (sah-BAH-boo) "The reason why".
- Aug 23, 2013, born in South Africa to a small pack of jackals.
- Sep 2013, plucked from his family by Western slave prospectors- a group of wolves, coyotes, and hybrids who were born in America, but lived in Africa and did shady dealings with their connections back home.
- Dec 2013 to March 2014, spent a lot of time in chains and doing menial tasks for his captors, along with several other young jackals who became his family over the hard months.
- April 2014, captors separated him from his family once more, sent him on a small vessel to America, along with a handful of other slaves, for their final destination to become slaves.
- May 2014, by some miracle (and indeed Sababu believes it was a miracle) the small ship is caught in an unexpected storm and crashes just miles off-shore from the Northeastern coast of America. Sababu clings to life (literally) on a piece of floating wreckage, and ends up on the sands of America. Free from his captors, but completely lost and confused.
- June 2014 to present, wandering the coast looking for his own kind, or perhaps other survivors of the shipwreck. He survives the unknown landscape by sheer force of will, and a newfound love of freedom. He wonders what this strange land holds in store for someone like him...
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