Dorcas de le Poer

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Coyote Hybrid (56% Coyote, 38% Wolf, 3% Red Wolf, 3% Dog)
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8th February 2013
Luperci Ortus
This, but minus one back leg:

  • Zorba (#A7998E) main body color
  • Taupe (#423832) head, lower legs, and tail
  • Zeus (#221E19) muzzle, ear tips, paw pads, and tail tip
  • Old Copper (#754E30) head and mane stripe
  • Timberwolf (#D6D4D0) inner ears
  • Golden Dream (#EDD71D) eyes

Build & Species
  • Maybe about 66 cm in Lupus form
  • She is missing one of her back legs. It has been amputated below the knee.
  • Her ears are large, and her face is expressive, but she often appears stern or overly serious (Bitchy Resting Face) when's she not thinking about anything in particular.
  • She has long, gangling legs and a thin body. Despite her body's scrawny appearance, there is muscle hiding beneath her fur.
Dorcas could easily be described as a boring stick in the mud. She has a flat affect and a quiet demeanor that often comes across as arrogant. Her dry sense of humor is often not immediately apparent.

She values tradition, a strong moral code, and protecting the weak. Although she herself was never a soldier, her sense of justice is distinctly militaristic due to her upbringing in Scintilla. The experiences she has gone through while traveling has only solidified this.

Her primary interest is in woodworking - a subject which, unfortunately, only adds to the boring stick-in-the-mud image. Ironically, her mind is at its best and most creative when attempting to solve problems; she's an inventor, if currently limited by both her skills and materials.
Oilver Gryffin
  • She is followed by a young coyote who has the mistaken impression that she's some kind of battle-scarred veteran warrior. She doesn't encourage this, but she doesn't outright correct his assumptions, either.
  • Even though he is an adult, she treats him like a child because he acts like he doesn't have a whole lot of common sense and keeps dragging her into trouble. Oliver is lonely and attention-starved, so he takes this as encouragement more than anything else.
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