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6th June 2014
Lelouch is a predominantly black thanks to his mother, but he also managed to inherit his father's glorious tones. A ring of deep red wraps around his neck but doesn't quite meet in the middle. The same red drapes down his sides and ends just above his hips. All of his red patches are rimmed with a golden color on the lower sides. Golden patches also appear on the front and middle of his fore and hind legs. His eyes are a deep violet color that gradually lightens around the pupils.

As an adult, Lelouch spends most of his time in optime form (6' 8"). He is 33 in lupus form and incredibly skinny. His secui form will be 44 in.

Lelouch as a pup by shade

typical winter attire
Unlike his explosive father, Lelouch is more subdued and quiet. What he lacks in brawn he makes up for with in brains. He is extremely intelligent and has read just about every book he could get his hands on, no matter the subject. Unfortunately, his communications skills are not exactly refined. Lelouch is often awkward with strangers and he has been known to trip over his own words.

Lelouch is neither good, nor evil. He tends to take a neutral stance on many issues and prefers to watch events unfold instead of take part in them. Especially since his ability to fight is poor and his endurance less so. He is content with simply living his life without harassing or being harassed.

Lelouch is gay and has zero interest in girls. He also has a partner to whom he is devoted too.
Mother: Lucias Sunders
Father: Kohaku Amarok
Grandmother: Kiara Amarok
Aunts/Uncles: Lucia Amarok, Leela Amarok, Marrok Amarok, Altair Amarok
Half siblings:River Amarok-Knight, Malcolm Knight
Lelouch is the son of Lucias Sunders and Kohaku Amarok. However, Lucias kept his father's identity a secret and named him Lelouch Artemisio Trombetta. When he was two months old, she gave Lelouch to his true father in the hopes of saving him from Viper's ire.

Kohaku took Lelouch back to Anathema and did a terrible job raising him. Thankfully, Amorette stepped up and became Lelouch's new mother. Under her care, he was able to thrive. However, the tension between Kohaku and Lelouch only increased as he grew older.

When Anathema moved south, Lelouch temporarily split from the pack. He was eventually found by Lucia Amarok who took him to New Dawn. Lelouch was able to meet the rest of his biological family and spent several weeks in their care. Lelouch met Bertolt during this time and they became fast friend. However, he eventually decided to leave New Dawn and Bertolt followed him back to Anathema. The pair have lived there ever since and are currently in a steady relationship.
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