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Wolfdog (50% Gray Wolf, 25% Rough Collie, 25% Border Collie)
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7th April 2010

Kenna primarily remains in Optime form. She appears like her heritage: a mix between a wolf and a rough collie dog. Her apparel will often reflect casual western style. See her Wiki for detailed information!

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On a good day she is friendly, outgoing, flirtatious, witty, curious, helpful, open, compassionate, loyal, and honest. On a bad day she can be easily annoyed, sarcastic, snappy, rude, indifferent, and blunt. More information is in her Wiki!

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Mother: Claire Foxleigh
Father: Firus Lupinalos
Younger Brother: Rowan Foxleigh
Former Mate: Adrian Kido
Mate: Honrin Wolfe-Denahlii
(1st Litter) Daughter: Skylee Foxleigh
(1st Litter) Son: Faolan Kido
(2nd Litter) Daughters: Kjintora Wolfe-Denahleigh, Oakley Foxleigh (cNPC)
(2nd Litter) Son: Ty Kido (cNPC)


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Her mother and father originated from two split packs. On one side was Purus Sanguinum made up mostly of pure dogs and the other half being primarily hybrids and wolves was called Mixta Animus. These packs were located in Colt, Wyoming U.S.A. Kenna is unknowingly the sole cause of the destruction of these packs by simply having been born. Her parents migrated north to save theirs and their daughter’s life. She grew up as a part of a pack called Vohrlyn in Quebec. As soon as she was old enough she set out on her own and made her way to Cercatori d'Arte pack in Nova Scotia. After the pack's disbandment while she was away overseas, she has returned to start life anew with the remnants of her old pack, in their new homelands as part of Midnight Shores. More information can be found in her Wiki!

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