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[i]50% Canis lupus, 38% Canis latrans thamnos, 6% Canis lupus familiaris, 6% Canis rufus rufus[/i]
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1st April 2008
LUPUS: This form is used infrequently, due to Sirius' preference for the Optime stature. A mixture of coyote and wolf blood had led to a strange combination of features in this four-legged build - Slight of frame and weight, Sirius is, however, as tall as most full-blood wolves. His legs are long and rangy, perfect for endurance-running, and his muscles are lean with very little fat coverage, often giving him a skinny, hungry look.

SECUI: The least used of all his forms, Sirius considers his Secui form to be beastly and uncontrollable. He only uses this form when in situations that emotionally or physically require it, and cannot shift into it at will. This form is often referred to as 'The Hunter', a separate entity that is unrestricted by Sirius' usual code of severe intelligence. Unlike most Secui forms, it is not excessively muscled, but has an outstanding length to the leg, topped with huge paws and impressively elongated fangs. In this form, due to his low body weight, Sirius often appears almost starved, as his ribs protrude.

OPTIME: This is his preferable form, and the one he is most commonly seen using. Due to his infamous vanity, Sirius is often well-groomed, and is said by the ladies to be rather handsome. However, this appeal is of the brooding, dangerous sort, as his tall and broad-shouldered frame is lean and dark, and often accompanied by a toothy crocodile smile.
NOTE: As of May 12, 2011, Sirius has a bobtail (due to an injury from a bear-fight).

Due to a lack of parental stability as a child, Sirius has always been in possession of a rather reserved and self-important outlook. In his adult life, this quickly manifested as a dark humor, often showing itself in cynical behavior and jesting. Regardless of his social stipulations, the young man has developed a very charming approach to dealing with the general masses. His longing for civility brought about an obsession with the gentry-based culture he experienced while abroad in London, and the chocolate-furred man often employs that to manipulate those around him. He is rather vain, and has a strange dislike for 'messy' things - In spite of this, he retained extreme hunting and survival skills from his solitary days of youth, and is able to display a cold cruelty towards gory subjects when necessary. Sirius is always driven by the need to get things done, and has a strong distaste for laziness and what he deems is stupidity.
Sirius was born during the April fires of 2008 that caused the territories to shift southwards; his mother Dierdre Rhiannon gave birth to two puppies, but Sirius's littermate, Apollo Haddon, is actually the son of Pilot Haddon. He had a rather tumultuous early history, bouncing from one place to the other -- he was born "in transit" and while everyone was fleeing the fires. At first, he lived with his grandmother Deuce Rhiannon and her family in Twilight Vale; Naniko D'Angelo also helped care for him. Shortly thereafter he moved to Shadowed Stars to be with his presumed father, Pilot Haddon. Later, he fled Shadowed Stars and headed for Inferni, where he remained until his disappearance in August of 2008. He spent some time overseas in London, living with a small group of canines on the outskirts of the big city. Finding this unsatisfactory, he eventually returned to his birthplace, first stopping to see his biological mother in New Brunswick before moving east toward 'Souls.

Having returned to the land of Nova Scotia, Sirius was quick to reunite with his childhood carer Naniko, in the pack she had formed. Anathema dissatisfied the cunning young male, and seeking to fill his itch for domination, the puppeteer joined forces with his distant relative, the beautiful Eris Eternity. With Sirius leading, the pair founded the pack Salsola, thus named for the barbed plants growing in abundance on their territory.
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