Eliza Cormier

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1st September 2011
Eliza's base colouring is a deep liver (Cork - #47291F). Her snout, "beard" and eyebrows are a dark shade of ginger (Hawaiian Tan - #955018), while the third and final fur colour is a soft off-white (Bizarre - #EFE2D7) which appears in broad patches on her throat and chest, as well as uneven "gloves" on her forearms - one spilling onto her shoulder while the other stops at the elbow - and solid pale toes. The patch covering her throat and dipping onto her chest, as well as her "gloves", are mottled with the same liver brown as the rest of her.

A little smaller than her brothers, Liz's most dominant features are those of the German Wirehaired Pointer in her, including a coarse, fuzzy muzzle and floppy ears. Her eyes are large, doe-like and a faded conker brown, while her muzzle shows more of the Shepherd in her. Liz is naturally curvy; she also possesses strong cheekbones and a feminine jaw.

In Optime form Liz tends to wear her hair - which is the same Hawaiian Tan as her muzzle and eyebrows - in a high ponytail which tends to swing as she walks or talks. This is her preferred form, and while she occasionally wears jewellery, she rarely wears clothes except in Winter.
Eliza is outgoing, plucky and animated in everything she does, and she tries to do everything with a little bit of pizazz. She's got manipulating her brothers (albeit good-naturedly, believing it's in their best interests) down to a fine art, thanks to being the only girl and the youngest. She also dotes on her brothers and is generally warm and affectionate with others - unless they're a threat to her or those she loves.

On a bad day she can be petulant, stubborn and sulky, but on a good day she's as bright and annoyingly cheery as a button. She acts with the best of intentions, but has a tendency to go overboard. Liz has welcomed several new "family" members with open arms, but should someone threaten them she won't be afraid to tell them what she thinks of them.

Eliza has a knack for organizing things - this includes regular attempts to organize her family and packmates' lives, whether the efforts she goes to are wanted or not. She means well, but has a tendency towards over-enthusiasm and unyielding positivity which can be grating.

Liz is particularly fond of trading, as she gets to barter, although her most prized possession will always be her family.
Elder brothers: Gus, Finlay and Tybalt Cormier
Adopted brother: Storm Cormier
Sister-in-law: Lucille
Children by Storm: Willow Cormier
Children by Milos: Logan Cormier, Bramble Parhelion, Daisy Parhelion, Percival Parhelion, Cora Cormier, Thistle Cormier
Mate: Milos Parhelion
Born the youngest of a litter of four - and the only girl - Eliza fit into the role of the baby very well and quickly learned how to convince her brothers to do what she wanted. Her youth was relatively uneventful, spent playing and trying desperately to keep up with her brothers in every pursuit. She split her time between learning to fish, taking care of livestock and trading.

When the Cormier's parents perished, Eliza was hit harder than she would admit. She stopped looking for a specific role with regards to rank and took it upon herself to be there for her family instead - although "being there" Eliza style could be somewhat overbearing. By the time Gus returned with a new mate in the form of Lucille, Eliza had seemingly completely recovered from the loss of their parents.

Eliza stayed behind when Gus, Lucille and the rest went looking for greener pastures (or bluer waters). She decided that she was needed to organize those things that could be salvaged from the flooding and has spent the last few months organizing things - mostly in the form of bossing others around - learning what little she could about Nova Scotia through word of mouth, and longing to be with the rest of her family once more.

On her way to Nova Scotia, Liz came across a wounded female by the name of Peony, whom she offered to put out of her misery before helping, and the two have more or less rubbed along together ever since. They're more frenemies than friends.
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