Raoul Dubois

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14th August 2013
Dog (mutt)
Canis canis ortus

35% French Spaniel
25% Chesapeake Bay Retriever
25% Welsh Springer Spaniel
15% Brittany Spaniel

Base color: Cape Honey {#FFEDBC}
Secondary color: Brandy Punch {#CD8429}
Eye color: Forest Green {#336600}

Fur consists of course, wavy hairs. His neck has much thicker fur on it that the rest of his body.

Ears are both folded and hang down to a point just below his mouth, covered in wavy hairs.

Brandy Punch semi-saddle pattern on his head and back, stopping at the upper halves of his legs.

Cape Honey feathers on the backs of all four legs and in between his toes, as well as on the underside of his tail and his chest.

Satin Sheen Gold {#CBA135} and Brandy Punch spots on his muzzle and forehead, with smaller spots on his legs and a light dusting of spots on his underbelly.

Height: 30 inches (76.2 cm)
Weight: 80 pounds (roughly 36 Kg)

Lean, sleek build. Not heavily muscular but enough to be considered fit.

Height: 45 inches (114.3 cm)
Weight: 150 pounds (roughly 68 Kg)

Heavy musculature, considerably more so than in his Lupus form. He isn't sure how this form is more muscular than his other two forms, which is why he almost never uses this form.

Height: 70 inches (177.8 cm)
Weight: 190 pounds (roughly 86 Kg)

Lean, sleek build, like that in his Lupus form. His weight is more distributed to his thighs and hips that his feet and toes, causing him to look a bit shorter than he really is. And he isn't very big to begin with. This form is used unless otherwise specified.

Mane is very curly and is cut into medium-length bangs, which almost constantly fall into his eyes.

-- Silver chain-link necklace with green carved jewel pendant in the shape of a pine tree

-- Tan leather satchel
-- Deer hide-bound book; essentially a sketchbook (1)
-- Charcoal stick (5)
-- Quill (3)
-- Bottle of black ink (2)
-- Bottle of red ink (1)
-- Bottle of blue ink (1)
-- Thin horse-hair paintbrush (1)
-- Wide horse-hair paintbrush (1)
-- Pack of watercolor paint (1)

Age: 28 months (around 25 human years)

Usually gives others an odd first impression, as it is easy to tell that sometimes Raoul isn't all there.

Most likely suffers from severe ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder).

Is prone to blurting out things that excite him.

Doesn't talk much unless provoked, is usually shy or wary around strangers. Quicker to trust females than males. Tends to avoid others if they seem to be hostile.

Hates fighting others and seems to be afraid of doing so but he can and will if it's the last resort.

Birds, art, painting, pine trees, swimming, the beach, books, horses, walnuts

Fighting, rude people, getting attacked, tornadoes

Atychiphobia -- Fear of failure
Everything he does has to be the best he can do them; sometimes he's excessive with perfecting his art almost to the point of it being obsessive-compulsive.

Significant Androphobia -- Fear of men
Due to the abuse young Raoul suffered from his father, he developed a fear of men. It isn't crippling enough so that he can't even look at another male, but he is definitely more submissive towards males and tomboyish females than he is to regular females. This phobia gets progressively worse the larger the male is, especially if the male is bigger than him and/or a wolf.

3 on the Kinsey scale -- Part heterosexual, part homosexual
Since he usually avoids males he hasn't realized the strange attraction he has for some of them. He is typically only attracted to the more feminine males like himself, although males he finds particularly handsome might catch his eye.

Artist -- Master
Painter -- Master
Reading -- Journeyman
Writing -- Apprentice
Hunter -- Novice

Due to where he was born and his mixed bloodline, Raoul would technically be classified as French-Canadian. He speaks fluent English but very little French. The only French he knows are words and phrases he heard others say while on his travels; he doesn't have the slightest idea what the words actually mean.

His normal voice is a quiet baritone with a tendency to be slightly monotonous.
Caroline Blanc -- Mother Killed after meteor earthquake destroyed her house - April 3, 2016
Pierre Dubois -- Father Died in bear accident
Angela Dubois -- Sister Died soon after birth

Jinora Watters
Reyna Zaya
Aurelya Shandara

Milos Parhelion

Benoît -- a Harlequin duckling Raoul found alone in the forest before he met Reyna in their thread Stone Lasts. The bird injured his leg and was still too young to fly so Raoul, with Reyna's help, took him home and cared for him. Raoul named the duck "Benoît." Benoît is now fully grown, and is a sort of pet for Raoul. ("Benoît" is French for "blessed.")
Raoul was born on August 14, 2013, to a sickly mother named Caroline and a hot-tempered father named Pierre. His only other sibling, a little girl named Angela, was deathly ill and died not long after she was born.

Caroline needed to recover so it was up to Pierre to deal with the new baby. He felt like it was Caroline's fault that his baby girl had died, so somehow in his mind that translated into taking his anger out on Raoul. As soon as Raoul could walk and talk efficiently Pierre was making sure that Raoul was learning how to be a real dog.

But little Raoul didn't want to learn how to fight and defend his territory and hunt big game. He wanted to draw. Whenever Big Bad Daddy was off drinking in some bar in a town near their little log house in the forest, Raoul would pull tree bark off some pine trees and take them into his mother's room. He took one of Pierre's hunting knives and would scratch little pictures for her while she recovered from whatever cold she had at the time.

Once a drunken Pierre finally smashed into the house, boy and mother were engaged in lively conversation, laughing and telling stories. Of course he crashed into the room to see what they were doing, discovered Raoul's art (which he had a real knack for), and promptly smacked the little boy across the room and shook him around violently for not being manly enough. Apparently real men didn't draw lovely little pictures of birds.

Caroline struggled off the floor to help the wailing pup and was smacked down as well in Pierre's rage.

This happened several times as Raoul grew up and Caroline always wondered why the boy never learned the lesson Pierre was wrongly trying to enforce. One time she asked him about it and it turned out Raoul simply didn't remember.

Because of Pierre's brutishness Raoul grew up to be a quiet young dog with a love for birds, and a secret passion for the arts.

One day Pierre went out for a drink and never came back. Caroline didn't want to admit it, but after he didn't show up the next morning she was glad he wasn't in the house.

She set to work taking care of now 8-month old Raoul how she had wanted to take care of him the whole time, and she was exactly the thing he needed. Caroline taught him how to read and write with the few books they had in their small house, and in turn Raoul practiced his hunting skills by hunting rabbits and things for them to eat. He also took care of her when she got sick.

A few weeks after Pierre went missing, the torn up body of a mutt was found in a deeper part of of the forest, the dog having gotten killed by a bear. Pierre Dubois was finally gone and out of Caroline's and Raoul's lives.

When Raoul was a year old, he realized that he couldn't be kept cooped up in his little house with his art any longer. No, he needed to travel, so he could make a living for himself by traiding his artwork. After much discussion, Caroline finally and reluctantly let her son go off on his own. She gave him her green pine tree necklace so he would remember her and forced him to promise that he would come back and visit her every month. Of course he agreed so she turned him out into the world. Raoul has been travelling and trading ever since.

Caroline was killed a few days after the meteor hit, when an earthquake caused her small log cabin out in the forest to collapse on her. Raoul discovered what had happened on April 16, 2016. Her death has taken a major toll on him, as he is noticeably not like his usual self. For at least a month after, Raoul will be withdrawn, mopey, and more distant than usual. He will be extremely sensitive to any physical contact near his neck and even sometimes his shoulders to the point of showing minor aggression and will guard his prized tree necklace with a snappy ferocity not seen before.
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