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50% Dingo and 50% Australian Shepherd
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15th September 2011
Luperci Ortus
Di Serria(#D8A160)
Brown Derby(#512816)

Starting from this wild dog's feet we see some striking Ochre as it fades into Chamois and finally towards the top Sisal. There it is met by Desert and Ochre. His thighs and back of his tails are coated in a chocolate spread of Desert.

On his tail is a streak of Sisal and below the Desert is Di Serria on the borders of these colors is Ochre. Near his groin and inner thighs is Sisal but towards his chest is Di Serria as it covers his muzzle to his multicolored face.

His ears and patches around his eyes plus a small freckle below his right eye is colored as Desert. Behind his streak of Sisal on the back of his neck is a large patch of Kilamanjaro. Highlighting his Desert is Brown Derby. All of these patches may come in contact with a swirl of Sisal. Surrounded by Desert his eyes are Danube


This dog's hair is scruffy and messy and filled with shades and tints. His hair is not swept in a certain direction but more or less left as it is. His left eye is slightly covered in hair from his long locks but still can see properly. In the back it is spiked and more choppy as he'd cut it to prevent any from grabbing it. Through the front of the left side of his locks is a good bit of Sisal and even runs squiggly down the middle to separate the Desert. Towards the back of his spiked and choppy hair it darkens from Desert to Brown Derby finally ending as Kilamanjaro.


Beige cargo shorts

Crocodile tooth necklace

Leather satchel

Dark blue bandanna (within his satchel not commonly worm)

Optime: Height: 181 cm. ( 5 ft. 9 in.) Weight: 67.5 kg.( 148 lbs.)

Secui: Height: 87.4 cm. ( 34.4094 in.) Weight: 47.6272 kg. ( 105 lbs.)

Lupus: Height: 60 cm. ( 23.622 in.) Weight: 30.8443 kg. ( 68 lbs.)
Core Beliefs:

-Those who'd abandon their friends is worse than scum

-Friendship is not necessary to survive but rather it gives it value

-Survive now cry later

-The price of victory is high but so are the rewards

-Extinction is the rule. Survival is the exception.

-Learning is pleasurable but doing is the height of enjoyment.

-Take time out of the day to just enjoy being alive

-Living is a gift don't take it for granted

-Surrender is never the first choice

-You can make your own happiness if you can learn to do it


-Poor grasp of time

-Loves reading

-Considers survive as the greatest challenge

-Loves hot springs

-Can lack focus

-Can be overly fixated on work


Neutral Good


Hatchets (Master)

Trading (Journeyman)

Scavenging (Journeyman)

Sewing (Novice)

Mapping (Novice)


His voice is a mellow paced one with a cadence of calm collective and care free nature. His voice is a baritone and very expressive despite keeping a a mellow cadence . Doesn't hurt that it includes a proper Australian accent.

Fun Facts:

Owns a hatchet with the traditional Australian symbol for sun

Lacks the care to even get his understanding of time right
Family Matters:
A family of dingoes from the great outback had the itch in their souls to find something more. They had been ingrained to hold the traditions high but the drive to move propelled them on their great journey. For generations families settled into their homes on their journey. Some in Asia, some in Europe, and a few on the shores of America. It was a tedious and annoying journey filled with hardships, conflicts, disagreements, and infighting.

But as they marched west across America a Silverstein met with a native born dog from Indiana. This side track brought Brandon Silverstein and his mate Christy Clayton together. The pair soon settled in Mason City, Iowa feeling it was right. And on September 15th, 2011 they were gifted with three children. Abram, Mary, and Hammish. These three were gifted by their parents teaching them what they wished to learn and what they needed to learn. As per Silverstein traditionalist traditions Brandon never attempted to cover up his accent he gained from his own mother. He ingrained the accent into the young ones.

Although as his father feared slashed hoped Hammish, the largest of the siblings, grew the angst that drove the Silversteins out of Australia and forced them to cross the world. The father prepared his son with the gifted hatchets that were heirlooms of his bloodline. Giving him some of his old clothing and sending him out to the world with supplies in case he got into trouble. His son would complete the pilgrimage that all other Silversteins were said to feel tug at their souls until they caved in and followed where their heart took them.

The lucky one and the Journey:

His heart tugged him north into Minnesota where the winter began to pelt the earth like an angered bride. The cold disdain the heavens had for the land showed as it forced even the bull headed youngster into a broken down home. He felt out of breath, worried, frightened, but mostly exhilarated. He felt more happy following where his heart took than when he refused to let it speak.
Oh he was enjoying this trip and as he was honored he felt a smirk tug at his lips. but that was when the boy met the impossible girl. He heard a muffled sob and whine. Someone was with him. His hands would have dropped towards his hatchets if he hadn't been worried about dropping them with his tired hands. If this was another ploy then he'd be truly exhausted. As an Australian accented Iowa born dingo dog wearing summer clothes and hatchets one couldn't help but attract unwanted attention.

He had faced many thugs before and escaped each jump. But here he was stuck with whoever was alone sobbing. He went over to the other room to find a cowering girl with multiple cuts. She was young frightened and she needed help.She wasn't a talker but as he cleaned and sealed her wounds he begun to worry that sh may not survive the storm. But to his surprise she pulled through and grew strong. She was healed and given the name Imani meaning lucky one. A name he learned from his father.

The two traveled through Minnesota together before reaching Canada. She wished to find her home and he felt the tug further north. Their paths were divided and they must pat ways or they may pain the other. That was the end of their journey together but they did not say farewell till Hammish gifted Imani with the moon marked hatchet. He kept his sun marked one so that if they keep their hatchets they'll recognize each other no matter how many years roll by. They hugged one last time before departure.

There it was the final leg. He journeyed into Nova Scotia feeling a strong connection with the land and all the challenges it held. It was luck that he made it this far. he'd even say fate brought him here for a reason. Whether it was fate or luck he would not waste the opportunity he was given. He would make his mark here in this new frontier.
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