Lux Einar


75% Timber wolf, 25% Caucasian Shepherd Dog
Date of Birth:
1st November 2013
Luperci Ortus
Lupus (Preferred for travel)
Height: 3'9" at the shoulders
Weight: 200 lbs
Secui (Preferred for hunting)
Height: 4'9" at the shoulders
Weight: 342 lbs
Optime (Preferred for working)
Height: 8'0"
Weight: 485 lbs
Fur: Thick and coarse, with stiff hackles. He is black, with dark grey around his belly, under his tail, his toes, muzzle, ears, and ruff.
Markings: Scattered scars on his arms and torso from combat.
Body type: Very large, and well muscled, large black claws, looks intimidating, almost angry at times, regardless of his actual mood. His ears aren't rigid and only stand up when he actively wants them to as a result of his portion of dog blood.
Lux does not wear clothes, as they cause discomfort against his thick, coarse fur.
Lux's personality was very much influenced by the setting in which he was brought up. It was a small, close knit pack, ruled by his tyrannical father. His father molded Lux into a hard fighter, and a dark person, and he's witnessed many horrible things happen at his fathers claws, which is why Lux left to be on his own. He is quiet, stoic, and laid back, but due to his upbringing he can get violent if crossed by someone, though he is most always remorseful after any such violent outbursts, as he struggles to remove the influence his demon of a father has had on his life. Lux has witnessed many deaths in his first year of life, and has developed some form of mental illness akin to schizophrenia, due to his severe guilty conscience and anxiety, though he'd be hard pressed to show weakness in front of others still. This means that quite often, Lux will hear voices, see things ranging from fleeting shadows to full bodied figures, and he is often "visited" by one such figure, which he believes to be the ghost of one of the many canines killed at the hands of his old pack.
Left his birth pack of his own accord and claims to have no family to speak of.
One entity visits him often, which he believes to be a ghost, but is really just a figment of his imagination.
Lux was born in the Yukon wilds in a pack consisting of a tyrannical father, a mother that would do anything for the formerly mentioned, and a few siblings, not all of which were born in the same year. As a pup, Lux was happily oblivious to the goings on of his birth pack, until his father decided that he was old enough to join in on his first raid. When his father found a small pack of light colored canines, he ordered his family to take what they could and leave no one alive. At a command by his father, Lux attacked a female pup with white fur, though he let her get away, shocked by the morbidity of the situation. Later that night Lux returned to the scene of the carnage, though when he arrived, no one was with the bodies. Maybe he'd killed the pup after all. Lux was plagued with guilt for the rest of the time he stayed with that pack, always moving, taking whatever didn't belong to them, and leaving destruction in their wake. Unable to endure the guilt, Lux finally left, finding himself in Nova Scotia after lots of travel, though with his schizophrenia, he is convinced that the ghosts of his past still haunt him.
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