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Csillig is a striking grey-black all over. Her coat is thick and healthy looking. Her eyes are silvery-white, the colour of starlight on a crisp winter's night. In the moonlight, her normally grey fur reflects the light to make it appear silver. Her paws are large, letting her walk on snow more easily. Currently, she is fit and healthy, if a bit on the skinny side due to the months of travel she has just completed.
She weighs 93 lbs and stands at 31" in Lupus form, 203 lbs and 40" in Secui form, and 188 lbs, 6' 8" in Optime form. Her Optime form is lean and built for speed, not brute strength. She stands upright, which adds to her hight. Her fur thickens along her ruff, becoming a sort of mane.
Csillig carries nothing with her but a six inch long survival knife Rapheal gave her. She
keeps flint and steel in the handle, and has fashioned a sling out of leather to carry it with her in Lupus and Secui forms. It also has a worn leather sheath. It rest against her left shoulder, close enough to her body that it rarely impedes her movement, though she will take it off if she is going hunting. She has thick blue-grey fur, silver eyes, and black claws. Her tail is usually carried in a neutral position. Her ears are triangular, and are neither particularly small nor particularly large.
In Secui form, she is large and has well-defined - though not bulky - musculature. Her fur remains thick around her ruff, and when she raises her hackles it causes her to look quite intimidating. She usually uses her Secui form when she is hunting large prey. Other than that, she spends most of her time in Lupus. She usually only shifts to Optime when she needs to use her hands, or the majority of those around her are in Optime form.
Csillig is good natured. She is not quick to anger, and enjoys interacting with others. Csillig tends to take life as it comes at her, not taking other's actions personally or holding grudges. She can seem innocent, and in some ways she is. She is used to the harshness of the wilderness, and has never lived in a large group before. The small family group she was born to consisted of only five members - herself, her sister Luna, her brother Storm, and her parents. Her father died of pneumonia when she was young, and her mother died shortly after that. Though she grieved her parents, their passing was not sudden or unexpected. She was left with only good memories of them. She and her two siblings lived together for a while, periodically going to gatherings where the surrounding packs of Luperci would meet and share food and stories. Csillig grew up in a loving and kind enviorment, and did not know much of the cruelty that the rest of the world was used to. She suffered minor griefs, and minor hurts through out her life, but has been exceedingly lucky overall.
Csillig is looking for purpose in her life. She is loyal, and almost never shows her teeth except to defend someone under her protection. She does tend to take people at their words, and sometimes trust where trust is not deserved. This is not stupidity, it's simply that no one has ever been cruel to her before
Csillig is a dreamer, and often drifts off as she gazes at the stars. She enjoys beautiful things, and mysterious things.
Csillig is adept at surviving on her own, and spends most of her time in Lupus form. She tends to be optimistic.
Csillig (her names means 'Star') was born in a small group of Luperci somewhere in the middle of Canada. She lived with her parents, a sister of the same age as her, and an older brother. Her family was on friendly terms with neighboring packs, and often met with others once or twice a month. They lived simply; in dens or rough lean-to's, building fire only on the coldest of nights, or for gatherings. Her parents were relatively old when they had her, and neither of them survived past her second year. Though Csillig was happy with her life, after her parents died she started feeling restless. A travelling merchant visited Csillig's group that spring, his name was Rapheal, and he was beautiful. He became Csillig's first - and only - lover. Their relationship lasted a good six months. Neither of them were looking to settle down, and so when Csillig woke up one morning to find him gone, she did not mourn it.

After Rapheal left, Csillig knew that it was time to move on. He had told her stories of wonderful places, of ships and seas , and horses, and big groups of wolves all living together. Csillig left her home land just after her third birthday, travelling with her sister Luna and their friend Runner.The three left in search for adventure, romance, and perhaps just a change of scenery. They did not run into any particular problems on their journey, although they had close brushes with danger. Three pretty female wolves travelling together tend to attract a different type of danger than males would, and the three were well aware of it. Luna and Runner split from Csillig about a month before Csillig reaches 'Souls grounds. They had found an outpost of wolves and coyotes - a trading outpost. Luna fell in with a handsome coy-mix, and decided to stay. Runner stayed too, deciding to make her home by her friend. Csillig lingered for a bit, but in the end decided that she was not satisfied there, and moved on towards the east coast.
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