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Non-Luperci are NOT allowed!
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7th May 2011
• Salsola is open to Luperci of all species, sexes, and gender preferences.

• Non-Luperci are not allowed in Salsola, and potential joiners will either be chased off or forced to become Luperci.

• Appearance-wise, a vast majority of Salsolans are highly humanized, both dressing the part and maintaining skills and trades that often require the use of one's hands. Some characters may be over the top with their clothing choices and styles, where others might be more inclined towards simple or sparse clothing and/or accessories. Most Salsolans use or remain in their Optime form, however, there are plenty that may linger in Lupus or Secui as well.
• Salsolans typically find themselves aligning as: loyalists, spies, sly/secretive, liars, power-hungry/ambitious, servants, occultists/witches, high-humanization, and/or merchants/traders.

• Characters that are gentle/sweet/soft, wildlings/loners, uncivilized, honorable, or vigilantes may find it difficult to thrive in Salsola's society, however, that is not to say that these types are not welcome within the pack!
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Salsola is a large pack located in the Sticks and Stones' Drifter Bay territory of 'Souls. Its territory claim includes the expanse of Cape Chignecto Park, Isle Haute, and Millstone Village, and stretches north into Amherst and the Halcyon Mountain. Luperci of any type are welcome to join, though Salsola is highly matriarchal and has a strict cultural code. Its fanatical obsession with hierarchy and bureaucratic games makes Salsola an intimidating pack for newcomers.

The Family (as its general populace is known) is tight-knit, valuing mateship, political rank, and secrecy. While Salsola's social structure appears to be uniform and cohesive and there is a general air of public camaraderie, not everything is as it seems — backstabbing, secretive trysts and betrayal are commonplace as a sinister undercurrent to the public persona of a collaborative community. Salsola has an abundance of subtle cultural codes and signals that form an unspoken language. Those who find themselves breaking any of the many strict conventions of the pack too frequently will find themselves ousted from the pack altogether, or in much direr predicaments...

Salsola is strict with regards to IC hierarchy; All canines are expected to show proper submission and dominance over other members, depending on where they are situated in the ranks. Those who rebel risk being punished or usurped. Salsola respects its own above all else, and those who contribute to the well-being of the pack are held in especially high regard, finding themselves favored by the leadership and members alike.

One is unlikely to find Salsolan members outside of their claimed lands very often, due to their habit of maintaining intense secrecy; Few Salsolans will identify themselves as such beyond the thistle borders.

If you are interested in joining Salsola, please ensure that you have read through our relevant Joining Information — If you have any questions with the more complex content, feel free to PM this account!

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